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The FollowThru Bat – The Baseball Rebellion Way - As professional hitting instructors we are always looking for different things to use to help make our hitters better, more efficient, and have a deeper understanding of their swing. One of the products we use
The Myth of the Pop-Up – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series - Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor JK Whited takes everyone through the first installment of his whiteboard series. During JK's whiteboard talk, he goes over: The difference between a fly-ball and a pop-up. What causes a pop-up?
Drill This, Not That: Timing Drills -   Seen above, the countdown drill is used to teach a hitter to be quick to the ball as well as be able to adjust to different timings. The thought behind this drill is if
Learn to See the Ball with the Turn To Catch Drill! - https://youtu.be/4djaKnXpbis   The "Turn to Catch" Drill is a great way for players of all ages to train the counter rotation of the head as the body rotates out during the swing.  Simply put, seeing
1 Simple Drill to CRUSH the Low and Inside Pitch! - Hitting a low and inside pitch is really really hard.  Many right-handed hitters have even more trouble with this as most breaking pitches break away from them and in towards the left-handed batter’s box.  Something

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