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Where have all the .300 hitters gone? - Being around baseball almost my whole life has taken me many places and I have met many people. I have watched a ton of games, watched goodness knows how many swings, and listened to countless "baseball
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 33, Bob Nightengale from USA Today - This week, the guys of Baseball Rebellion discuss Robinson Cano's career and his recent suspension due to PED use.  We welcome on Bob Nightengale, baseball writer for USA Today.  Thanks for listening!
The Movements that Made The Rebellion – The Rebel’s Rack Revisited - As Baseball Rebellion/Softball Rebellion has grown, we have decided to be more open with the “HOW” of our process instead of just the results.  This, for years, was not the case at BR/SR, as we wouldn’t
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 32, Blaine Kinsley – University of Arkansas Strength Coach for baseball - This week the minds of Baseball Rebellion meet to have a roundtable discussion on MLB pitching struggles as well as understanding that you and all great hitters will go 0-3 sometimes. We welcome on Blaine
Improve Your Pop Time with This Simple Footwork Adjustment - As with our hitting and pitching philosophies, Baseball Rebellion believes that moving athletically is the key to maximizing your skills as a catcher. From an early age, I was taught to throw to 2nd base

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