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Pre-Throwing Movements for Young Pitchers

Baseball Rebellion’s Kory Behenna takes young pitchers through all the movements they should be doing BEFORE they throw.

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The #1 Move Hitters Should Make To Adjust To Higher Velocity

Chas Pippitt demonstrates the one move hitters of all ages should be making at the plate when they start seeing faster pitching. Plus, Chas shows a few drills you can work on!

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Trigger Points in the Baseball Swing

Baseball Rebellion’s Luke Johnson and Andrew Valichka talk to youth players, college hitters, and parents about the importance of trigger points in the baseball swing. Plus, they show specific drills for players of all ages to use to improve their “trigger point feel” at the plate.

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Explaining Step Behinds To Fielders of All Ages

Baseball Rebellion explains the meaning and importance of step behinds for fielders. In this video, we explain step behinds in three different ways as a part of our 10-20-40 series:
• To a Youth Fielder
• To a College/Pro Fielder
• To a Little League Parent

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Explaining Load Tempo To 3 Different Age Groups

Baseball Rebellion’s Luke Johnson explains Load Tempo to a youth player, a college player, and a “Little League” parent. Plus, a tempo drill that can help any player, at any level!

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Explaining Separation In The Swing 3 Different Ways

Baseball Rebellion’s Chas Pippitt explains the meaning and importance of separation in the baseball swing.

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I had an awesome time at Baseball Rebellion! It’s really rare to find hitting instruction on this level, everyone in NC you have no idea how good you have it! Appreciate all that you showed me.
Love the high nets, dark walls, and bright lights! Really well thought out facility!

Tanner Carson (@RasiedInBaseball)

I wanted to say thank you. We are lucky to live so close that we can have regular in-person lessons...My two boys also benefit from seeing the other talent in the facility, getting a first-hand look at what it takes to make it to the college and pro ranks, and emulating that effort, commitment and focus.

Jay Goldstein, Parent of Youth Clients

Dave, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with him. The difference between last year and this year in terms of his confidence and mental focus (on the mound) has been amazing.

Katherine Boyatt, Parent of Youth Client

Chas and staff have truly done an amazing job with transforming the hitting philosophy today! We began watching YouTube videos several years ago and instantly fell in love with what they teach. We were fortunate to go (from Minnesota) there last March and hit with both Chas and Tyler. Amazing experience! We’re sold!! We’ll be back this winter!

Tom M. (Fly In Client From Minnesota)