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Baseball Rebellion Position Player Case Study: Jacob W. 76 to 91mph - For my first case study since I have been at Baseball Rebellion I'm going to look at 17-year-old high school junior Jacob W.. Jacob and his parents make the two hour and fifteen minute trip
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 19, Chas Pippitt - This week Dave and JK get into a discussion about consistent positivity in a players life from the people that are around them most.  Following the discussion, they guys interview Baseball/Softball Rebellion owner Chas Pippitt
Switch Hitting…Is it worth it? - In honor of the greatest switch hitter of all time, Chipper Jones, being inducted into the Hall of Fame this past month, I wanted to give my take on switch hitting. Every so often, a
Rebellion Recruiting – In-Season Recruiting Communication - With everyone’s season about to start, I wanted to share some information with all of our readers about how the college recruiting process works while you and the college coaches are both in-season. Last week
Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 18, College Recruitment - This week JK will discuss how learning to swing up can drastically change your chances for success.  Dave will dive into how position players can greatly benefit from quarterback like practice.  New comers, Eric Tyler