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Online Hitting Client Improvement

JK Whited shows the process for one remote training client’s improvement. Learn more about how Baseball Rebellion’s online training lessons can work for you!

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Upper Body Isolation Drill

Learn how isolating your upper body during hitting drills can help improve your hitters side bend and make them more consistent hard contact hitters.

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Banded Slot Drill for Early Connection

The Banded Slot Drill is designed to help hitters understand what happens in the initial start of the swing & how early connection helps consistent contact.

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The Barrier Tee Drill

Instant Feedback With The Barrier Tee Drill Everyone can agree that to become a great hitter you have to practice.  Although hitting off a tee a lot can cause some…

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Angled Medicine Ball Throws For Better Power and Swing Direction

Learn how angling your medicine ball throws can help you with more power and improve your direction of your swing allowing you to hit the ball harder.

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Pull Down Throws: The Purpose Behind Run and Guns

Check out three reasons why you should have your players doing pull down throws and how it can help increase their arm strength.

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I had an awesome time at Baseball Rebellion! It’s really rare to find hitting instruction on this level, everyone in NC you have no idea how good you have it! Appreciate all that you showed me.
Love the high nets, dark walls, and bright lights! Really well thought out facility!

Tanner Carson (@RasiedInBaseball)

I wanted to say thank you. We are lucky to live so close that we can have regular in-person lessons...My two boys also benefit from seeing the other talent in the facility, getting a first-hand look at what it takes to make it to the college and pro ranks, and emulating that effort, commitment and focus.

Jay Goldstein, Parent of Youth Clients

Dave, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with him. The difference between last year and this year in terms of his confidence and mental focus (on the mound) has been amazing.

Katherine Boyatt, Parent of Youth Client

Chas and staff have truly done an amazing job with transforming the hitting philosophy today! We began watching YouTube videos several years ago and instantly fell in love with what they teach. We were fortunate to go (from Minnesota) there last March and hit with both Chas and Tyler. Amazing experience! We’re sold!! We’ll be back this winter!

Tom M. (Fly In Client From Minnesota)