Vision Training and Mental Training: Baseball Rebellion and Softball Rebellion’s NEWEST Advantage for Your Player

Written By: Chas Pippitt

I first met Mike Halpert about a little over a year ago.  He was working with some pitchers in my facility and doing some breathing techniques with them that, at the time, I thought were garbage.  I had no experience with mental training, and certainly, no ‘breath work’ had happened in my preparation for my own baseball career or athletes that I trained.  After about 3 weeks, I asked Mike a question that probably sounded like this…

…Because I certainly couldn’t figure it out.

Most people, when faced with that type of question, would have gotten defensive, but Mike Halpert of Capacity Training did not.  He simply responded, “let me show you”.

Skeptically, I let Mike set up his stuff in my office and I started with his vision training.  I did it, and I was surprised that it was kind of hard…I couldn’t ‘see’ the splotch that was supposed to ‘appear’ (think Magic Eye book appear), and I couldn’t see any ‘dots by the diamonds’.  Clearly…this training was junk…

Then, Mike grabbed my left hand and hooked up a ‘clapping device’ to my palm and had me clap to the ‘beat’ of some sort of timer. I was confused as to how this worked and why it worked and my scores were not good at all.  I was early all the time and I was sweating as I simply stood there…and clapped.  We talked about the anxiety the ‘bad’ or ‘red’ claps were and how satisfying the ‘good’ or ‘green’ claps were.  Then we did some breathing exercise which, honestly, I thought was a waste of time.

Mike asked me what I thought…and I said I wasn’t sure…but I’d try again tomorrow.

The next day, Mike helped me understand “the WHY” behind the breathing and clapping.  I improved tremendously in all aspects of his training in one day!  I was more on time, my heart rate was lower, I didn’t sweat profusely when clapping…which was good.  I proceeded to train with Mike Halpert at Capacity Training every day for the next 28 days.  My progress was amazing.

My wife noticed I was more organized, helpful around the house, and calmer with my 2 and a half-year-old son, Bryant, when he did ridiculously stupid 2 and half-year-old things.  From a business perspective, I turned around my online lessons faster, and made clearer decisions on the direction Baseball Rebellion would head.   I loved the timing training and the vision training helped me combat the damage of constantly looking at the computer doing video analysis.  Capacity Training works…and I had to get my athletes working with Mike’s program as fast as I could.  Their results on the field have been impressive, to say the least.  Here are just a few of their comments about Mike and the Capacity Training Program:

Mike wanted to let you know that since starting Capacity Training approximately one year ago I have noticed some key changes in Joe’s hitting as well as his pitching and field play. Basically, he is able to “slow the game down” in high leverage situations and execute on a consistent basis in these critical moments.  When hitting he is able to handle two strike counts much better…and recorded his first varsity home run this year, a grand slam, on a 3-2 count, down 1 run to the 2016 State Champion runner-up team with their D-1 pitching commit on the mound. He used the techniques learned from Capacity Training to calm himself and barrel up an 88+ MPH fastball and drive it out of the park 350+ feet for a Grand Slam. I firmly believe that he would not have been able to make that happen without the Capacity Training techniques he has learned.  Additionally, he has become very calm on the mound…He is not rattled with difficult counts. He just leans on his Capacity Training, calms himself, and executes his pitches.  He owes this significant playing time as a sophomore to his hard work and the skills that Capacity Training has taught him.  –  Joe Barrow Sr. Raleigh, NC

Since starting Capacity Training (CT) with Mike,  just over two months ago, my 9 yr old son has benefitted with much better focus, timing and improved vision.  The vision training has helped to eliminate headaches as he has gained much-needed strength in his vision.    The CT sessions have built a sense of confidence and do away with unneeded distractions. Like many other kids his age, he has had a tendency to fidget when asked to perform certain tasks.    The CT has greatly reduced those distractions and we have seen improvements in his school work and Athletic performances.  In school, he would, occasionally, miss questions because of lack of focus, but over the past few weeks, his work has been near perfect.  Athletically he has less anxiety resulting in more confidence and expectation of success.”  –  Chase Riggs, WV

“We do Capacity Training’s vision training to enhance our ability to recognize pitches and the spin on the ball.  My players say it helps them recognize velocity sooner, which in turn allows them to make a better swing decision.  Capacity Training’s vision training has also helped our outfielders with tracking batted balls” Aileen Morales, Head Softball coach Georgia Tech University Softball

“There are no words for how excited I am about working with Capacity Training.  I started the vision program this summer to see if it would be something useful for our program and I was blown away.  My results have been remarkable.  I’m excited to see the same positive results I experience personally impact our team.”  –  Yolanda McRae, Hitting Coach Arkansas Softball

The best part about Capacity Training is that, like the online lessons, no matter where you live you can get the best training that Capacity Training and Mike Halpert has to offer right in your own home!  The vision training program he offers works exactly on the skills baseball/softball players need to be great hitters or defenders.  Skills like depth perception, ball tracking, pitch speed and location recognition, and holding your visual focus are all parts of his vision training and timing training program.  You will learn the skills to get into your “zone” and stay there throughout entire at bats, games and tournaments.  I cannot give Mike and Capacity Training a higher endorsement.  Please look into their awesome programming and find out the visual and mental edge that you can gain with this protocol.



Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion