Taller Posture and Hitting the Low Pitch, New Drill Reveal!

Written By: Chas Pippitt

In my "Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Stride and Much More!" article I talked about how striding with a tall posture will make your heel to heel stride more frequent and consistent.  Also, I mentioned that there would probably be quite a few questions about how to hit the low or outside pitch without the commonly taught 'tilt' or 'hip hinge' at most instructors teach.  Many instructors teach this due to the success of LARGE hitters like Miguel Cabrera and Albert Pujols who are big 'early tilters'.  My contention is that the larger you are, the less important the 'full turn' is in the swing due to the mass of the hitters.  Remember:  Force = MASS x Acceleration.  If MASS is higher, then Acceleration (read turn) can be less and the hitter can still generate the same amount of swing force.  This is why Cabrera and Pujols (HUGE guys) can turn less and hit the ball just as far as Blue Jays OF Jose Bautista, Brewers OF Carlos Gomez, or Cubs INF Javier Baez, who are all elite turners.

The video below outlines how we explain the way we think a hitter should turn to the low pitch:

The video below shows the drill we use to get all of our hitters to get on plane early without sacrificing their turn with early tilt.

Thanks for reading!

Chas Pippitt, Leader of the Baseball Rebellion

PS: here's a video of Cubs Rookie Jorge Soler using this move in a game.  Yes, I see this particular pitch is high.  I'm putting this example in as a quick response to a question from Matt on a player doing this move in a game.  Please see my comment response for further explanation.

This video shows one of my older players hitting a low pitch.  Much less "TILT" inward than most people teach and you can clearly see the hips working sideways while the shoulders work down.

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