Upper Body

Loading the Hip vs Loading the Quad

Oftentimes hitters load their back leg versus loading the hip. Loading the back leg can cause many issues when hitting the ball.

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Should You Get Your Foot Down Early?

Oftentimes when a hitter is late the first thing a coach will say is get your foot down and wait. This is not something you want to do and will actually make you even later. Learn how to create better rhythm and timing in your swing by staying fluid.

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This vs. That – Early Head Pull vs. Late Head Release

For this week’s installment of This vs. That, I wanted to hit on a subject that I see a lot of coaches and parents get confused about. That would be the issue of loss of vision due to pulling the head out. You hear it all of the time, “you’re pulling your head out!” A common phrase you might hear anytime a young player misses the ball. While this can definitely be a possibility, it’s not always true. The problem is that in real time, it can seem as though the player is in fact pulling their head out way too soon. When in actuality, it happens so fast that the coach or parent can’t see that their head is actually right where it needs to be.

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Stay Connected To Consistently Hit Balls Harder

As many of us know power comes from our pelvis/ hips and legs. This is why when you come to Baseball Rebellion, we do so much work with our hitters on the Rebel’s Rack in the mirror to gain the ability to sequence our turn properly. However, if we don’t stay connected during our swing, we won’t be able to use the turn we’ve taken so long to craft. Learn how to better stay connected within your swing to use your turn more effectively.

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This vs That – Step Out vs. Move Out

For this next edition of “This vs. That”, I thought we might address the difference between “stepping” out and “moving” out. Once again, two different things that commonly get twisted up together as the same. While they can look similar in the real time speed of a game or practice, it’s important that you know why these happen and what they may cause as a result.

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Warm-Up Hitting Drills for Hitters of All Ages

Front shoulders flying open, pulling off the ball are mainly due to posture being compromised in a hitters swing. The two drills in this article will help hitters understand the right posture and a hitting drill that I do everyday during in person lessons.

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Two Drills to Barrel More Balls

Everyone who wants hits needs to barrel the ball. Stop working around the zone & start working through the zone with these two simple drills.

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How to Improve Your Timing at the Plate

Don’t lunge! Your head is moving everywhere! Hitters are constantly cued to stay simple and almost still in the box. In an event that requires rhythm and timing, this doesn’t seem to be the best way to accomplish the task. Lunging is bad. We all know that. But the fix doesn’t have to be robbing the hitter of any rhythm and athleticism they may have.

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Get More Extension in Your Swing with a Tool You Already Have

Looking for more extension in your swing? If you are rolling over too much here are a few simple drills to help you drive the ball more consistently.

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The Truth about the Wrists in the Swing: Hit For More Power NOW With Less Rollovers FOREVER

Note from the Author:  The top of this article is extremely dorky and filled with big words.  If you just want to skip ahead and learn how to train your forearms and…

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Don’t Take the Knob to the Ball!

A lot of coaches teach knob to the ball. This does somewhat happen but not as drastic as some hitting coaches make it. Here is one drill to help this cue.

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Start Hitting Better In-Season- Client Review with JK Whited

Ready to start hitting better in-season and not just in practice? Check out how you can learn to practice better while still playing!

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