Throwing Mechanics

Baseball Rebellion Position Player Case Study: Jacob W. 76 to 91mph

For my first case study since I have been at Baseball Rebellion I’m going to look at 17-year-old high school junior Jacob W.. Jacob and his parents make the two…

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Arm Swing Separation Drill With Band Resistance

#ThirtySecondLesson This past week I tweeted a quick drill without going too far in depth into why we do the drill and what it is for. I use this drill…

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It’s all in the Hips! The BEST Hip Activation Drill for Throwers

This is a drill that helps activate the hips and create awareness of how to use your lower half into a throw.  Some kids have trouble with the movement shown…

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Monitoring Mechanics In A Velocity Program

Monitoring Mechanics In A Velocity Program As with most things, there are varying opinions on what makes a successful pitcher. The current generation of players and coaches seems to have a sort of tunnel vision…

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Proper Front Side Pitching Mechanics

Proper Front Side Pitching Mechanics Have you ever wondered how to use the front half of your body properly through your pitching delivery? In this Baseball Rebellion article I explain the optimal way…

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Catchers, Arm Injuries, and Throwing Runners Out!

  Catchers, Arm Injuries, and Throwing Runners Out! When most people talk about throwing injuries, pitchers are the main subject. This makes sense when considering that roughly 25 percent of Major League Pitchers have undergone Tommy John Surgery at some point in their careers, not to mention countless shoulder injuries. While the number of catchers who……

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A Great Pitcher Needs One “HEEL” Of A Landing

Once upon a time I used to have the words “ball foot to ball foot” as my screensaver on my computer. At the time, I was a freshman at George…

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