Striking Out

One Drill to Help the Direction of Your Swing

One concern often expressed from baseball coaches is their hitter’s front shoulder is “flying out” too early. While the front shoulder does eventually have to open up to allow for…

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Stop Striking Out!

Do you feel like you’re constantly striking out? Does it cause frustration? WELL STOP! Striking out is a part of the game, but there are fixes to help you improve….

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What’s Your Two-Strike Approach?

“Widen Your Stance!” “Move Up!” “Move Back!” “Choke Up!” “Stay Late!” Do you hear these coaching cues during games? More than likely when your son or daughter has two strikes…

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Stop Striking Out with One Simple Move!

Strikeouts!  The bane of every coach and player’s existence.  Since the beginning of baseball and softball, players have and coaches have hated striking out. It may be surprising to read,…

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Tee Drill Progression: How to Use a Launch Angle Tee

Frequently, Baseball Rebellion is emailed with questions about the Launch Angle Tee, one of our products.  Many times, these emails have questions about the tee or adapter top itself.  However,…

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Mental Maker Series- Swing Plane

JK Whited gives a drill that helps hitters who are hitting weak pop-ups and groundballs generate more power and more consistency

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Striking Out – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series

Striking Out The Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series In the fourth installment of the Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series, JK Whited goes over the dreaded strike out. Learn what may be causing…

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Top 3 Hitting Myths Busted! Revisted

Top 3: Baseball / Softball Hitting Myths Busted! Here is a list of three very popular hitting myths in baseball and softball. Obviously, these myths are completely subjective as there…

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The Turn Behind The Turn

The Turn Behind the Turn The Turn Behind The Turn is designed to help the hitter eliminate all pushing or driving of the knob in the baseball (or softball) swing….

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Momentus Speed Hitter: Baseball Rebellion Product Review

Baseball Rebellion Product Review: Momentus Speed Hitter You’ve seen it before in your training facility, maybe you have seen the commercial, or perhaps you own it. The Momentus Speed Hitter…

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Top 3: Hitting Myths Busted!

Top 3: Baseball / Softball Hitting Myths Busted! Here is a quick list of some very popular hitting myths in baseball and softball. Obviously these myths are completely subjective while…

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Are You Hitting The Panic Button?

With the baseball / softball season now underway, the last month and a half has been a very exciting time for us here at Baseball Rebellion, as both our local…

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