When Should a Hitter Start Their Stride?

Timing. The most sought after attribute in hitting can often be the most difficult to obtain. With any timing, there has to be a beginning as well as an end. When it comes to hitting the ending is when the bat makes contact with the ball, so what is the beginning? When the hitters starts to lift their front heel and begin the process of striding is the start to timing. So when should that begin? Lets take a look.

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How Far Should a Hitter Stride?

How Far Should a Hitter Stride? We get a lot of questions weekly on how far a hitter should stride.  It all depends! Mainly body size and starting stance width…

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What To Look For When Evaluating Hitters

JK Whited of Baseball Rebellion breaks down the difference between what is vital in hitting and what is considered to be important when it comes to the swing.

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Improve Swing Quality with the Back Foot Box Drill

Over rotation of the back foot in the baseball swing can cause hitters to be inconsistent with their bat path. Learn how you can help correct it today.

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Hitters Stop Flying Open With These Two Cues

The front shoulder flying open is one of the biggest mistakes hitters make. Check out two cues you can use to help your hitters stay on the ball longer

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Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019!

Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019 To end the calendar year we wanted to highlight our top hitting drill articles of 2019. Our most-read content day in and day out…

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Top Hitting Articles of 2019

Looking for hitting content and drills? Check out our most read hitting articles of 2019 and learn the best way to train your hitters for more success.

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Fix Your Bat Path by Striding With Your Hips

Barrel Turn and Swinging Up A negative or downward swing path. Even talking about ‘level’ swing paths makes me want to cringe. It’s 2019 and we have autonomous cars yet…

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Front Leg Force- Directional Depth Leap

Hitters need to use their legs to produce force. Check out the Directional Depth Leap drill to help hitters understand force direction using their front leg.

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JK’s Winter Series – Coil to Separation

Stuck indoors hitting for the Winter? JK’s Winter Series will give you drills you can do almost anywhere in your home. Check out this week’s new drill!

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JK’s Winter Series – Move the Coil

Can’t get outside this winter to train? JK Whited’s Winter Series will give you drills you can do almost anywhere in your home. Drill #1- The Doorway Stride

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Rebel's Rack Results: More Exit Velocity and Distance in Two Lessons

Producing Results Through Movement Progression and Data When Kylie of Orange High School, located in Hillsborough, NC, came in for an evaluation, Kylie and her parents had no idea what…

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