3 Tips To See the Ball Better When Hitting

3 Tips To See The Ball Better When Hitting How Can Your Stance Affect Your Vision A great swing with poor vision is essentially useless. Don’t get me wrong, poor…

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Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing

Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing When hitting, It is important that we stay connected to the ground as ultimately, that is where power comes from. When our back heel…

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Mental Marker Series – Shoulder/Chest Rotation

JK Whited’s Mental Marker Series- Chest & Shoulder Rotation Have you ever wondered how much or how little your shoulders and chest should be rotated at contact?  Well, I’m here…

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Get More Extension in Your Swing with a Tool You Already Have

Looking for more extension in your swing? If you are rolling over too much here are a few simple drills to help you drive the ball more consistently.

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Start Hitting Better In-Season- Client Review with JK Whited

Ready to start hitting better in-season and not just in practice? Check out how you can learn to practice better while still playing!

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Pro Concepts – Max Hip & Shoulder Separation

Creating Max Hip and Shoulder Separation “Hip and Shoulder Separation” is a “buzz” phrase used in the baseball world commonly and is extremely important. I wanted to get into something……

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3 Hitting Drills you MUST do this Preseason

1. Turn to Catch Are your hitters pulling there head out when swinging? TheTurn to Catch Drill will help! The Turn to Catch Drill helps hitters work on their head…

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Fix Rolling Over FOREVER – Say goodbye to top spin and weak ground balls with TWO simple movement cues!

Fix Rolling Over Forever – Say Goodbye to Top Spin and Weak Ground Balls With Two Simple Movement Cues! Many hitters roll over the ball way too often.  “Rolling Over”…

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Launch Angle: The Most Misunderstood Term in Hitting

Baseball Rebellion CEO Chas Pippitt discusses a “controversial” term: Launch Angle. Hear why Launch Angle is misunderstood and how it should be used.

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Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Stride, and Much More

Baseball Rebellion Article Revision: Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Stride, & Much More For the first time ever, Baseball Rebellion is going to start revisiting old articles and updating them. Far…

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Momentus Speed Hitter: Baseball Rebellion Product Review

Baseball Rebellion Product Review: Momentus Speed Hitter You’ve seen it before in your training facility, maybe you have seen the commercial, or perhaps you own it. The Momentus Speed Hitter…

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