What Exactly Is The Rebel’s Rack?

Baseball Rebellion Instructor talks about what he thought about the Rebel’s Rack before he started working here and what he thinks about it a year later!

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Improve Swing Quality with the Back Foot Box Drill

Over rotation of the back foot in the baseball swing can cause hitters to be inconsistent with their bat path. Learn how you can help correct it today.

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How The Squat And Deadlift Can Improve Your Swing

The time is now to get bigger and stronger for next season. Learning how to deadlift and squat properly can help with many parts of your swing. Understanding how to fire your hips and glutes can directly affect your swing. Getting stronger in the deadlift and squat can also drastically improve your posture in your swing as well!

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Stay Connected To Consistently Hit Balls Harder

As many of us know power comes from our pelvis/ hips and legs. This is why when you come to Baseball Rebellion, we do so much work with our hitters on the Rebel’s Rack in the mirror to gain the ability to sequence our turn properly. However, if we don’t stay connected during our swing, we won’t be able to use the turn we’ve taken so long to craft. Learn how to better stay connected within your swing to use your turn more effectively.

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This vs That – Step Out vs. Move Out

For this next edition of “This vs. That”, I thought we might address the difference between “stepping” out and “moving” out. Once again, two different things that commonly get twisted up together as the same. While they can look similar in the real time speed of a game or practice, it’s important that you know why these happen and what they may cause as a result.

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Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing

Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing When hitting, It is important that we stay connected to the ground as ultimately, that is where power comes from. When our back heel…

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Creating the Engine to Your Swing

JK Whited breaks down THREE key phases of Javy Baez’s swing and how you can learn from him for help creating the engine to your swing.

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Start Hitting Better In-Season- Client Review with JK Whited

Ready to start hitting better in-season and not just in practice? Check out how you can learn to practice better while still playing!

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Pro Concepts – Max Hip & Shoulder Separation

Creating Max Hip and Shoulder Separation “Hip and Shoulder Separation” is a “buzz” phrase used in the baseball world commonly and is extremely important. I wanted to get into something……

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Stay at Home Drills- Week 6

Stay at Home Drills- Week 6 Although we are officially open again for in-person lessons, most of the country is still training from home. We will continue posting these drills…

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Stay at Home Drills- Week 5

While most of our country is safe at home during this time, we wanted to give some drills that can be done easily inside. Stay at home and stay safe.

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Stay at Home Hitting Drills- Week 2

Check out the 2nd installment of Baseball Rebellion’s at home hitting drills!

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