What Does it Mean to Be Coachable?

Coachability is More Than Just Listening In my experience as a private instructor, I have found that many young athletes lack the ability to be coachable. Not only is this…

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College Baseball Recruiting- Player Development

College Recruiting and the Most Important Question Is your kid currently being recruited by a college coach? Players, are you currently being recruited by a college coach? If you are…

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College Recruiting Secret: Parental Conduct MATTERS!

The truth about college athletics is simple. The evaluation process doesn’t just occur on the field at camps and at games. These coaches are not just evaluating your player, they’re…

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Summer Ball Development: Getting the Most Out of Your Money

Summer Development: Getting the Most Out of Your Money The summer season is arguably the most important season in amateur baseball. Players are out of school, travel ball is in…You’ve…

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What to Look for in a Baseball or Softball Showcase

Premium Contributor – Andy Partin, CEO, Impact Baseball Andy Partin is the owner and founder of Impact Baseball, Inc. (est. 2001) and Dirtbags Baseball, LLC (est. 2002). Partin pioneered the…

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Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 36, Tom Eller – Harford Owls

Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 36, Tom Eller – Harford Owls This week the BR staff sits down to discuss summer baseball and if it’s for everybody. JK and Dave…

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Rebellion Recruiting- Interpreting Emails

All to often, I get an email or a phone call from a parent or client telling me that their son/daughter or themselves received an email from a coach or…

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Rebellion Recruiting – How to Find the Right Fit For You?

The season has started, college recruiting visits are being set up, and offers will be coming. You will hear from coaches, parents, and teachers: “You have to find the school…

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Rebellion Recruiting – In-Season Recruiting Communication

With everyone’s season about to start, I wanted to share some information with all of our readers about how the college recruiting process works while you and the college coaches…

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Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 18, College Recruitment

This week JK will discuss how learning to swing up can drastically change your chances for success.  Dave will dive into how position players can greatly benefit from quarterback like…

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