Rebel’s Rack

Create Better Separation with the Rebel’s Rack

The ability for an athlete to rotate in proper kinematic sequence allows for maximum speed gain throughout rotation. The first step in this sequence is proper hip shoulder separation. Oftentimes in rotation, the first mistake is the worst mistake. Learning to properly disassociate pelvic rotation from shoulder rotation is key in creating bat speed.

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One Tool To Stop Roll Over Groundballs

Learn how these 3 Flat bat variations can help cure weak roll over grounders. Helping your hitters understand swing direction, barrel turn and proper extension.

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4 Drills to Hit for More Power

You’ll be crushing the ball after working on these four drills! The best part? They can be done without a baseball! Click to learn more!

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Softball Power Hitting Solution: Turning Tappers into Towering Homers, The Takia Nichols Story

Learn how a simple movement progression helped one hitter go from just hoping she made the team to being a top softball recruit.

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Stop Hitting Just to Hit

Quality over Quantity We have all heard that statement before, but baseball and softball training seem to have not listened. Yes, one of the main ways to get better at…

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What Exactly Is The Rebel’s Rack?

Baseball Rebellion Instructor talks about what he thought about the Rebel’s Rack before he started working here and what he thinks about it a year later!

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Rebel’s Rack Timing Turns with a Visual

Eric Tyler shows you how to use the Rebel’s Rack and a visual cue to help all your hitters with their timing. Click to see the drill!

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Increasing Strength & Flexibility During Hitting Practice

Check out one tool to help your hitter’s increase strength and flexibility while they practice working on their swing. Check out the video & apply it today.

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Front Leg – JK’s Winter Series

The front leg serves as the break so the back hip can quickly pull forward to the spine. Without it, a sudden acceleration of the barrel is nearly impossible.

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Creating An Environment for Success in Online Lessons

Creating an Environment for Success in Online Lessons Last week I received a video back from one of my online lesson clients.  He’s a young player who is extremely dedicated…

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Case Study: Middle School Hitter

Learn how in-person hitting lessons can benefit hitters from all ability levels. See how Baseball Rebellion uses different drills to help these hitters.

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Why Teaching Rotational Skill Helps EVERY Hitter in the Lineup

Every Hitter in the Lineup Benefits from Increased Rotation Skills Why Teaching Rotational Skill Helps Every Hitter in the LineupCoaches, instructors, and players all over the country have asked me…

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