Power Swing

Don’t Take the Knob to the Ball!

A lot of coaches teach knob to the ball. This does somewhat happen but not as drastic as some hitting coaches make it. Here is one drill to help this cue.

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BR Weekly Drill Video Review- See What You Missed

Different athletes require different cues and drills to help them learn. Each day we post a different drill that was used in lessons to help a certain hitter achieve the change they are looking for

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Stop Flying Open- The Pump Fake Drill

Many hitters of all ages do not always get to the best position when their front foot lands. Keeping the body loaded throughout the stride is crucial for hitters to truly perform their best. With this “Pump fake check drill” you will help your hitters gain more awareness of where they actually have to be when their front foot gets down.

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5 Drills for Better Upper Body Swing Mechanics

If your hitters are struggling with constant upper body mistakes in hitting here are 5 drills to help them turn faster and make more consistent hard contact

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Stop Casting Your Hands in the Swing

Staying connected in the swing is vital for a hitter’s success. Cast your hands and barrel in your swing can result in poor contact and consistency when hitting. Oftentimes hitters mindlessly hit off the tee thinking they are getting better. With this simple drill, you can make sure you are staying connected better and improve your bat path to the ball.

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Top Prospect Series with JK Whited

Check out the MLB Prospect Series. Learn what these top prospects do well and what they can improve on as they head into the 2020 baseball season.

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Get Consistent Hard Contact with the 3 Tee Drill

If your hitter struggled to make contact to all fields last season check out our version of the 3 tee drill series & how it can help them develop a consistent bat path

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Angled Medicine Ball Throws For Better Power and Swing Direction

Learn how angling your medicine ball throws can help you with more power and improve your direction of your swing allowing you to hit the ball harder.

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Attacking Contact vs Attacking Bat Path

Garrett Gordon talks about hitters attacking contact at the plate versus attacking bath path.

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Feel vs. Real- What Makes Mike Trout Great?

Check out what Mike Trout does that makes him arguably the best hitter of all time? See how his practice helps HIM and what it could do to your swing.

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How to Introduce the Rebel’s Rack Progression to Your Players

See how the Rebel’s Rack can help enhance your hitter’s swing and have them start hitting the ball harder and farther with the BR movement progression.

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The Angles Game

JK Whited of Baseball Rebellion discusses the Angles Game and why Launch Angle isn’t the only angle in baseball that matters!

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