Monitoring Mechanics In A Velocity Program

Monitoring Mechanics In A Velocity Program As with most things, there are varying opinions on what makes a successful pitcher. The current generation of players and coaches seems to have a sort of tunnel vision…

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46ft to 60ft 6in: Making The Transition

“My son is going to be moving back to 60’6″ and I am worried about his arm health. What is the best thing we can do?”  This question has come…

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Baseball Rebellion Podcast – EPISODE 4 – 1:17:17

Baseball Rebellion Podcast: Episode 4 JK and Dave discuss their experiences with Manny Ramirez as he came to visit Baseball Rebellion twice in December. Dave will dive into the old…

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Pitchers, How & Why to add an Old School Leg Kick to your Delivery

Pitchers, How & Why to add an “Old School” Leg Kick to your Delivery! There are a few points in a pitchers delivery that can be looked at as being…

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Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Your Leg KICK!

After my students have mastered the foundation of how the body should move into the throw, we transition into building their delivery from the windup.  I always enjoy this phase…

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The Yin Yang of Baseball: The Complementary and Combative Nature of Pitchers and Hitters

The way we teach the art of pitching and hitting here at Baseball Rebellion, can be easily characterized as the Yin Yang effect of seemingly opposing forces that have components of each…

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