HitTrax Experiment with a Big Leaguer: Injecting Measurable Data into Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instruction

At Baseball Rebellion, we’re always looking for the best way to prove improvement to our players and their parents both in person and online.  One of the ways we’ve done this…

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Hitting Conversations With Baseball Rebellion

I talk to many coaches, all over the country, on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.  One of my favorite coaches (we will call him “Eric” which is not his…

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Baseball Rebellion in the Big Leagues: Mark Canha Swing Analysis

It was December 23, 2014, I was downstairs in my office looking at some video of my invitation only clinic that most of my best players attend every year that ended…

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Robinson Cano: Blind Case Study

By popular demand, Chas Pippitt uses Robinson Cano’s super swing as a Case Study to see if the Baseball Hitting Rebellion Blog information holds up under fire. That’s right, Chas uses video of Cano’s swing he’s NEVER seen before and you’ll have to see whether Chas gets DEBUNKED…

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