Mental Game

External Cues and Constraint Learning Approach

“The assumption that the body will figure out the best way to do something is a big jump to make.”  -Gabe Dimock Part One of a Two-Part series detailing External…

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Pre-Pitch Routine For All Positions

Pre Pitch Routine for All Positions Today, I’m going to talk about pre-game rituals,  pre-pitch routines, and visualizing the play before it happens, and show how routine and visualization can help all…

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David Price and “The Clutch Gene”

I came across a Yahoo Sports article on David Price of the Boston Red Sox and the question of his struggles in the playoffs. He is 0-9 in 10 postseason…

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Five Small Adjustments to Turn Your Season Around

It’s early in the season in Major League Baseball and even earlier in the minors.  Some guys have as many as 50 at-bats, others far less.  50 at-bats in high…

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The Expertise Assumption: Where Private Coaches Fail their Most Talented Clients

The Expertise Assumption: Where Private Coaches Fail Their Most Talented Clients When an 8 year old walks into Baseball Rebellion for a hitting or throwing evaluation, the process is simple…

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Great Catcher = Great Routine!

At most team practices, there is little time set aside for catchers to work on their skills outside of catching bullpens. While bullpens are great opportunities to improve, a routine…

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Placebo Effect, Positive Framing, and The Ability to Effectively Impact Your Players

Is Placebo Effect Real? At some point, most of us have experienced or at least heard of the Placebo Effect. For those of you who haven’t, the placebo effect is…

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Culture, Motivation, and Giving Back: The “Green Bell” Phenomenon

    A few weeks ago, as the new Baseball/Softball Rebellion HQ facility in Durham, NC started to come together, we purchased a giant green bell that we hung up…

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