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Two Strike Approach with Megan Blank

Should you Have a Two-Strike Approach? There\’s a lot of controversy in the game today regarding a two-strike approach: should you have one or should you still be trying to…

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The Yips: From National Player of the Year to Dreading Pitching

The Yips: Losing Control Wanting to pitch every game quickly turned to hoping that I wasn\’t in the starting line-up. Could I ever feel confident in the circle again? Would…

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The Importance of Throwing Quality Pitches

Control the Controllables. Throw Quality Pitches. During a lesson with one of my younger pitchers, we started having a conversation about different counts and the importance of quality pitches. When…

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Combating Perfectionism in Pitchers: Coaching Tips

Coaching Perfectionist Pitchers Coaches have the power to influence their players in ways that parents just can\’t.  I can\’t tell you how many times parents tell me, \”I tell her…

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Shaking Pitches: A Growth Mindset for Pitchers and Coaches

Shaking Pitches: A Lesson Learned We were playing a tight game against Carolina, our toughest ACC foe, during my freshman year. Ahead by a run or two with runners at…

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The Accountability Paradox

When Actions Don’t Match Ambitions This past weekend, Tyler Zupcic and I were fortunate enough to be at the Baseball Youth All-American Games in South Carolina. The event has players…

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Three Key Components to Improve Your Pre-Pitch Routine

Picture This: The count is two balls and two strikes. There are runners on the corners. During the top of the seventh inning, your team tied the game with an…

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5 Real Life Reasons Your Son Is Hitting Well in Practice But Not In Games

Five Real Reasons Why Your Son Might Not Be Performing to the Level that You Want Why can’t my son hit in the game?  We hear this all the time…

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Breaking the Mental Barrier of the “5 O’Clock Hitter”

If you are struggling to hit in games but crushing it in the cage or batting practice, learn how a few mental adjustments can turn your season around. What Is……

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Understanding Self Discipline

I want to talk a little about Self Discipline. The definition of Self Discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses. The ability to pursue what…

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Factors that Break You

Mental Toughness and Not Letting Factors You Can’t Control Break Your Performance What Are Factors? The definition of a factor is a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a……

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Three Keys to On-Deck Preparation

Find out how you can become a better hitter by better preparing for your at-bat before it even happens! The 3 Keys to On-Deck Preparation!

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