Mental Game

Helping Your Hitter Out Of A Slump

Everybody goes through slumps at some point. When it’s your hitter, make sure you are doing the right things to help them. Chas Pippitt gives you some simple strategies that can make a world of difference.

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In Game Adjustments: Fight or Flight Hitting

Players make adjustments in many ways. Some adjustments are slow and take more time (season to season). Others are faster like a game to game or at bat to at bat adjustment. The Fastest adjustments, pitch to pitch adjustments, can ONLY be made if the adjustment has been practiced and planned for. In the instance of the McGregor vs Porier, Connor planned for the takedown attempts and clinch game of Porier.

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2020 Guide To Offseason Goal Setting

Improvements are rarely if ever, made during the course of a season. Much of an athlete’s in-season focus is on preparing their body to play that day and not as much on their skill development. With that being said, when does the time come to develop those skills and make yourself a better player? Whether it be hitting, running, arm strength, or body composition, there is always something to improve upon. The offseason is where development reigns and most skill development is accomplished.

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Why Failure In Training Breeds Success In Games

Learn how variable training and failure help to better a player’s mentality and preparation come game day and different drills that will help develop your approach.

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How To Transition from Off-Season to Pre-Season

It’s time to start transitioning your training from the off-season to the pre-season. Learn what you can be doing today to be ready to start the season.

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One Way to Get Your Season Started Right

The best way for players to communicate with their coaches what they have been working on in their off-season training program.

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On-Deck Preparation: Gaining An Advantage

If you need your hitters to establish a new on-deck routine, check out BR’s latest article on a 5 step solution to help your hitters on deck.

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What Does it Mean to Be Coachable?

How do you handle constructive criticism by your coaches? Learn how being more coachable will allow you to better your talents as an athlete.

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Softball Rebellion and Softball Youth 30-Day Bingo Challenge

Your 30-Day Challenge: Compete and Win Big With softball season on hold for who knows how long, I’m sure you’re all searching for motivation. Maybe you’ve been motivated this whole…

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Sit Down with Minnesota Twins RHP Zack Littell

Zack Littell of the Minnesota Twins sits down with BR to talk about the mental game of pitching as well as pitch sequencing and mechanics.

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Start Establishing your Pitching Goals Today

The Importance of Goal Setting As we ring in the new year, there is talk of new year\’s resolutions and changing mindsets, but I want to talk about the importance…

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Top Articles for Baseball Parents in 2019

To highlight the best of 2019, here is our list of the top five most-read articles by baseball parents including accountability, playing time and much more!

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