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Start Hitting Better In-Season- Client Review with JK Whited

Ready to start hitting better in-season and not just in practice? Check out how you can learn to practice better while still playing!

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Pro Concepts – Max Hip & Shoulder Separation

Creating Max Hip and Shoulder Separation “Hip and Shoulder Separation” is a “buzz” phrase used in the baseball world commonly and is extremely important. I wanted to get into something…

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Repeating A Powerful Swing

Want to learn how to repeat a powerful swing? It all starts on how you practice in the cage and how that transition to BP and live game at-bats.

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Top Prospect Series with JK Whited

Check out the MLB Prospect Series. Learn what these top prospects do well and what they can improve on as they head into the 2020 baseball season.

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Load Your Back Hip For More Torque and Power

Learn how loading into your back hip in your stride can create more torque in your swing and help you hit the ball harder and farther with more consistency.

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Creating the Engine to Your Swing

JK Whited breaks down THREE key phases of Javy Baez’s swing and how you can learn from him for help creating the engine to your swing.

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Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019!

Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019 To end the calendar year we wanted to highlight our top hitting drill articles of 2019. Our most-read content day in and day out…

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Top Hitting Articles of 2019

Looking for hitting content and drills? Check out our most read hitting articles of 2019 and learn the best way to train your hitters for more success.

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Front Leg Force- Directional Depth Leap

Hitters need to use their legs to produce force. Check out the Directional Depth Leap drill to help hitters understand force direction using their front leg.

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JK’s Winter Series – Coil to Separation

Stuck indoors hitting for the Winter? JK’s Winter Series will give you drills you can do almost anywhere in your home. Check out this week’s new drill!

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JK’s Winter Series – Move the Coil

Can’t get outside this winter to train? JK Whited’s Winter Series will give you drills you can do almost anywhere in your home. Drill #1- The Doorway Stride

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What To Look For When Evaluating Hitters

JK Whited of Baseball Rebellion breaks down the difference between what is vital in hitting and what is considered to be important when it comes to the swing.

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