Launch Angle Tee

One Tool To Stop Roll Over Groundballs

Learn how these 3 Flat bat variations can help cure weak roll over grounders. Helping your hitters understand swing direction, barrel turn and proper extension.

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Stop Hitting Just to Hit

Quality over Quantity We have all heard that statement before, but baseball and softball training seem to have not listened. Yes, one of the main ways to get better at…

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The Best Way to Hit More Homers: Home Run Opportunity Percentage

Baseball Rebellion talks about how training to hit the ball a certain way can instantly increase your hard contact and extra base hits

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Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019!

Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019 To end the calendar year we wanted to highlight our top hitting drill articles of 2019. Our most-read content day in and day out…

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Top Hitting Articles of 2019

Looking for hitting content and drills? Check out our most read hitting articles of 2019 and learn the best way to train your hitters for more success.

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Softball Rebellion’s Holiday Gift List

Dominate on the Diamond with our Christmas Favorites Christmas is just a week away, and if you’re anything like me, you might still have some Christmas shopping left to do….

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Tee Drill Progression: How to Use a Launch Angle Tee

Frequently, Baseball Rebellion is emailed with questions about the Launch Angle Tee, one of our products.  Many times, these emails have questions about the tee or adapter top itself.  However,…

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Baseball Rebellion Products and Launch Angle Tee Affiliate Program!

Baseball Rebellion Products and Launch Angle Tee Affiliate Program I’m writing today to announce our brand new affiliate program for all Baseball Rebellion and Launch Angle Tee products!  For the…

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Customer Case Study: Benny R. Improves with the Rebel’s Rack and Launch Angle Tee

Customer Case Study: Benny R. Improves With The Rebel’s Rack and Launch Angle Tee Disclaimer: Benny R. (@BatCaveHitting) is a customer of Baseball Rebellion’s hitting products.  He performed this study…

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Launch Angle: The Most Misunderstood Term in Hitting

Baseball Rebellion CEO Chas Pippitt discusses a “controversial” term: Launch Angle. Hear why Launch Angle is misunderstood and how it should be used.

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