Lacey Waldrop

Space-Savers: Three Indoor Pitching Drills

Improve your Pitching Technique Indoors this Off-season Oftentimes when talking about off-season training, I hear that it’s too cold to get outside or there just isn’t enough time to practice….

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The Yips and the Will to Persevere

The Long-lasting Effects of the Yips Although I did find solace during my last collegiate game, my experience with the yips was far from over. I mean that in both…

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The Yips: From National Player of the Year to Dreading Pitching

The Yips: Losing Control Wanting to pitch every game quickly turned to hoping that I wasn\’t in the starting line-up. Could I ever feel confident in the circle again? Would…

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Spin Series with Lacey Waldrop: Change-up Drills

Do you want to develop a devastating change-up? Check out Lacey Waldrop’s favorite drills to increase deception and develop consistency.

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Spin Series with Lacey Waldrop: Change-up

Why you Need a Change-up Hitting is all about timing. Of course, there are other components, but if you’re on time with a pitch, you have a good chance of…

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Improving Consistency and Body Awareness – Beginner Pitchers

Developing Body Awareness and Self-Adjustments in Young Pitchers So often, we are quick to instruct young pitchers and softball players in general through a step-by-step process. I am guilty of…

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The Importance of Throwing Quality Pitches

Control the Controllables. Throw Quality Pitches. During a lesson with one of my younger pitchers, we started having a conversation about different counts and the importance of quality pitches. When…

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Enhance your Pre-game Routine with Arm Care

How does your Pre-game Warm-up Impact your Health and Performance? I’ve watched teams warm-up many times throughout the years as both a coach and a player. When I was growing…

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Spin Series with Lacey Waldrop: Dropball Drills

Four Drills to Improve your Dropball After each initial installment of the Spin Series, I will provide a supplemental article the following week. Each secondary article will contain specific drills…

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Shaking Pitches: A Growth Mindset for Pitchers and Coaches

Shaking Pitches: A Lesson Learned We were playing a tight game against Carolina, our toughest ACC foe, during my freshman year. Ahead by a run or two with runners at…

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Five Questions You Need to ask on September 1st

Why is September 1st an Important Date? As the 2021 class wraps up their summer schedule, college coaches narrow their list of potential recruits. The incoming junior class was heavily…

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One Drill to Improve Rhythm and Timing on the Mound

The Importance of Rhythm and Timing Do you ever pitch and feel like you’re working against your body? Are your arms and legs moving in one direction, or do they tend to divert from a straight path? This is where rhythm and timing come in. Whether pitching, hitting or running, a body moving in sync……

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