JK Whited

Online Softball Lessons Transformation with JK Whited

JK Whited takes you through a four month swing transformation with one of his online softball clients. Drills included!

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6 Month Swing Transformation – Online Client Edition

Baseball Rebellion’s JK Whited takes you through an amazing 6 month swing transformation from one of his online clients.

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How Should a Hitter Load?

In the world of hitting certain words can invoke certain movements, good and bad. It’s not really the words that matter as much but how the individual athlete interprets those words and how they manifest those words into a particular movement.

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Create More Power By Loading Through the Back Heel

Recently, the heel plan of the back leg and keeping it planted as long as possible has become a hot topic here a baseball rebellion. Eric and I specifically have gone back and forth on the best ways to teach it and get hitters to ‘feel it’. My favorite way and the fastest way we’ve found is the toes off the ground drill.

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This vs. That – Early Head Pull vs. Late Head Release

For this week’s installment of This vs. That, I wanted to hit on a subject that I see a lot of coaches and parents get confused about. That would be the issue of loss of vision due to pulling the head out. You hear it all of the time, “you’re pulling your head out!” A common phrase you might hear anytime a young player misses the ball. While this can definitely be a possibility, it’s not always true. The problem is that in real time, it can seem as though the player is in fact pulling their head out way too soon. When in actuality, it happens so fast that the coach or parent can’t see that their head is actually right where it needs to be.

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This vs That – Step Out vs. Move Out

For this next edition of “This vs. That”, I thought we might address the difference between “stepping” out and “moving” out. Once again, two different things that commonly get twisted up together as the same. While they can look similar in the real time speed of a game or practice, it’s important that you know why these happen and what they may cause as a result.

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Creating the Engine to Your Swing

JK Whited breaks down THREE key phases of Javy Baez’s swing and how you can learn from him for help creating the engine to your swing.

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Stay Through the Ball Long with the Ping Pong Drill

The purpose of this drill is to slightly exaggerate the idea of “staying through the ball”. As we know, it requires not only barrel speed to hit the ball hard, but barrel accuracy.

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What To Look For When Evaluating Hitters

JK Whited of Baseball Rebellion breaks down the difference between what is vital in hitting and what is considered to be important when it comes to the swing.

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Mental Marker Series – Separation

JK Whited’s Mental Marker Series- Separation If you don’t know already, a players ability to separate correctly is vital to their success as a rotational athlete. In today’s Mental Marker…

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Mental Marker Series – Shoulder/Chest Rotation

JK Whited’s Mental Marker Series- Chest & Shoulder Rotation Have you ever wondered how much or how little your shoulders and chest should be rotated at contact?  Well, I’m here…

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Mental Marker Series- The Backfoot Movement

JK Whited’s Mental Marker Series- The Backfoot Movement Allowing the back foot to move forward has been a staple in the Baseball Rebellion methodology for a long time.  It can…

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