The Best Way to Hit More Homers: Home Run Opportunity Percentage

Baseball Rebellion talks about how training to hit the ball a certain way can instantly increase your hard contact and extra base hits

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Mental Marker Series- Swing Plane

JK Whited gives a drill that helps hitters who are hitting weak pop-ups and groundballs generate more power and more consistency

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5 Ways the Direction Drill Can Help You Stop Hooking Foul Balls

Learn how the Direction Drill can help hitters stop hooking balls foul and drive more balls to the gaps which leads to more extra base hits and more runs!

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Front Shoulder From Flying Open

Stop your front shoulder flying open by learning how to load properly and maximize your bat speed and power. Check out one drill to help fix this!

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Load Your Back Hip For More Torque and Power

Learn how loading into your back hip in your stride can create more torque in your swing and help you hit the ball harder and farther with more consistency.

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Angled Medicine Ball Throws For Better Power and Swing Direction

Learn how angling your medicine ball throws can help you with more power and improve your direction of your swing allowing you to hit the ball harder.

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Mental Marker Series – Separation

JK Whited’s Mental Marker Series- Separation If you don’t know already, a players ability to separate correctly is vital to their success as a rotational athlete. In today’s Mental Marker……

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Weak Oppo Hits – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series

Weak Oppo Hits – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series In this edition of our Whiteboard Series, Baseball Rebellion’s JK Whited reviews some common swing flaws that are causing you (or your…

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The WORST Hitting Drills for Baseball and Softball EXPOSED- Part 2

The Worst Hitting Drills For Baseball and Softball Exposed, Part 2 A lot has happened at Baseball Rebellion since February 8th, 2013.  On that date, I wrote “The WORST Hitting…

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Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 41, NY Sports Science Lab

Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 41, NY Sports Science Lab This week Dave is back with JK and Eric.  They discuss everything from Dave’s wedding, JK’s journey coming up to…

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Training Your Swing With Intent – Revisited

Training Your Swing With Intent – Revisited  After watching the video above, I think you would be able to say that every single swing was taken with authority, purpose,…

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How to Increase Exit Velocity: Learn First, Then Load

EXIT VELOCITY is quite the buzz-worthy topic these days.  Just as pitchers have gone through the unrelenting quest to increase their throwing velocity, hitters are doing the same thing with…

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