The One Article Every Coach and Parent Needs to Read

It is the start of the season and you need your practices to be smooth and efficient. And you know that is not possible if you don’t have a good batting practice thrower.

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Why Failure In Training Breeds Success In Games

Learn how variable training and failure help to better a player’s mentality and preparation come game day and different drills that will help develop your approach.

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How To Transition from Off-Season to Pre-Season

It’s time to start transitioning your training from the off-season to the pre-season. Learn what you can be doing today to be ready to start the season.

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How to Drive the Ball to All Fields- Swing Direction

Cues about stepping in the bucket or striding in have been shouted at hitters for years. Yet when we turn on an MLB game you will see hitters with multiple different directions of strides. So what allows the best hitters in the world to step in the bucket or across their body and still be successful?

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What the Golf Swing Can Teach us About the Baseball Swing

Learn how your own baseball swing can improve from one key swing thought from 5-time Major winning Phil Mickelson

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How the Load Affects the Swing

How the Load Affects the Swing Educating Coaches and Parents About the Load and the Swing A lot of times coaches and parents are looking for a quick fix to…

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How Does Breathing Affect Power in the Swing?

How can your ribs and breathing technique allow you to be a better hitter? Check out how our breathing affects our power in the swing.

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Top Prospect Series with JK Whited

Check out the MLB Prospect Series. Learn what these top prospects do well and what they can improve on as they head into the 2020 baseball season.

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5 Ways Players Get Worse from Team Practices

Top 5 Ways Player’s Get Worse From Team Practice With the season about to kick off here in the southern states. We wanted to highlight a few things about team…

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Top Articles for Baseball Parents in 2019

To highlight the best of 2019, here is our list of the top five most-read articles by baseball parents including accountability, playing time and much more!

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Get Ready for the Playoffs with Baseball Rebellion’s Top MLB Articles

2019 MLB Playoff Special Check Out Our Top Major League Baseball Articles of 2019! In honor of the 2019 MLB playoffs in full swing, we wanted to give our readers…

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Why Teaching Rotational Skill Helps EVERY Hitter in the Lineup

Every Hitter in the Lineup Benefits from Increased Rotation Skills Why Teaching Rotational Skill Helps Every Hitter in the LineupCoaches, instructors, and players all over the country have asked me…

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