Hit More Line Drives- Without Changing Your Swing

Eric Tyler explains how shifting your contact point can help you hit more line drives, without changing your mechanics!

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How To Transition from Off-Season to Pre-Season

It’s time to start transitioning your training from the off-season to the pre-season. Learn what you can be doing today to be ready to start the season.

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Rebel's Rack Results: More Exit Velocity and Distance in Two Lessons

Producing Results Through Movement Progression and Data When Kylie of Orange High School, located in Hillsborough, NC, came in for an evaluation, Kylie and her parents had no idea what…

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Rebel’s Rack Results: More Exit Velocity and Distance in Only Two Lessons

Are You Paying for Hitting Lessons for Your Son or Daughter and Not Seeing the Results You Want? Check Out How Baseball Rebellion Uses a Movement Progression and Data to…

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ABCA 2019 Presentation- Proving Improvement with HitTrax

How Baseball Rebellion Proves Improvement with HitTrax On January 5th, Baseball Rebellion’s Chas Pippitt and Tyler Zupcic spoke at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Convention in Dallas, TX. In…

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Baseball Rebellion Hitting Approach: Gap OR Gap not Gap to Gap

Baseball Rebellion Hitting Approach: “Gap OR Gap“ not “Gap TO Gap” The other night during a ‘fly in’ lesson, I was working with an outfielder from a top 25 school. He’s a great defensive player and has played with top-level defenders in the outfield before, especially in CenterField. We were hitting in my cage using a……

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UN-CAGE your BP: What Every Coach and Player MUST Know About Hitting in a Batting Cage

UN-CAGE Your BP: What Every Coach and Player MUST Know About Hitting in a Batting Cage One of the Most Common things I hear when I’m watching lessons at another…

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HitTrax Experiment with a Big Leaguer: Injecting Measurable Data into Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instruction

At Baseball Rebellion, we’re always looking for the best way to prove improvement to our players and their parents both in person and online.  One of the ways we’ve done this…

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