Case Study 2: Josh Horton, Oakland A’s Minor Leaguer

AAA Oakland Athletics organization, 2B Josh Horton Case Study…Chas and Josh have put in a ton of work over this past off-season, and the fruit of Josh’s labor is very apparent in the AFTER swing. We’ll be following Josh’s progress this year and wish the best of luck to him in his trek to the Big Leagues!

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How to Fix NOT Seeing the Ball: The HeadRight HeadLight Drill

I’m going to tell you that when talking to Johnny Narron, Josh Hamilton’s personal hitting coach, he told me that he thinks the difference between the truly great hitters like Josh, A-Rod, ManRam, Bonds, Mays…the list goes on, from an all-star player was ‘two feet of vision’ during a pitched ball. Read more…

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