NPF Swing Breakdowns: Abbey Cheek and Amanda Chidester

NPF hitters Amanda Chidester and Abbey Cheek can destroy the ball Abbey Cheek Amanda Chidester If you followed National Professional Fastpitch this summer, you probably already know the statement above…

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Versatile Slapping at the Collegiate Level: Part 1

The Make-up of a Slapper Within the game of softball, slap hitters are constantly labeled by pre-existing stigmas and stereotypes before they even set foot on the field. If you’re…

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Is the Softball Swing Different from the Baseball Swing?

“The Softball Swing is completely different than a Baseball Swing.” This is a statement that I had heard before but it had never been directed specifically towards me. Truthfully, I…

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Softball Rebellion Swing Breakdown: Lauren Chamberlain

Softball Rebellion’s JK Whited breaks down the swing of College and NPF Lauren Chamberlain!

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Softball Power Hitting Solution: Turning Tappers into Towering Homers, The Takia Nichols Story

Learn how a simple movement progression helped one hitter go from just hoping she made the team to being a top softball recruit.

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4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Slump

In a slump right now? Find out four ways to break out of it from Eric Tyler and Baseball Rebellion!

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Riley Greene Swing Analysis

Baseball Rebellion’s Eric Tyler takes a look at how 2019 MLB Draft Prospect Riley Greene compares to the Padres Eric Hosmer. We take a deep look into the importance of…

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Pre-game Warmup: How To Get Your Hitters Prepared In Any Environment

Looking for a pre-game hitting routine that covers all type of environments? No cage, no problem! Check out how to get your hitters ready for the game.

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Exit Velocity and Launch Angle: Find the Best LA for Your Player’s EV

Baseball Rebellion CEO, Chas Pippitt, talks about how to find the best launch angle based on the hitter’s exit velocity and how to avoid fielders so you can get on base!

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From Sidney to “Sid the Kid”: Youth Lessons and Skill Acquisition

Youth baseball and skill acquisition: here’s a case study of Sidney S. See how Blocked Training and Private Lessons Transformed Sid into “Sid the Kid”!

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Change the Athlete or Change the Training Environment?

At ABCA in Dallas a few days ago, Shawn Larkin (Shawn’s Twitter) used a famous quote in his talk.  He said, “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you don’t fix the……

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3 Hitting Drills you MUST do this Preseason

1. Turn to Catch Are your hitters pulling there head out when swinging? TheTurn to Catch Drill will help! The Turn to Catch Drill helps hitters work on their head…

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