Hitting Theory

Exit Velocity and Launch Angle: Find the Best LA for Your Player’s EV

Baseball Rebellion CEO, Chas Pippitt, talks about how to find the best launch angle based on the hitter’s exit velocity and how to avoid fielders so you can get on base!

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Change the Athlete or Change the Training Environment?

At ABCA in Dallas a few days ago, Shawn Larkin (Shawn’s Twitter) used a famous quote in his talk.  He said, “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you don’t fix the……

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Three Keys to On-Deck Preparation

Find out how you can become a better hitter by better preparing for your at-bat before it even happens! The 3 Keys to On-Deck Preparation!

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Deep Barrel Turn with the FollowThru Bat

The FollowThru Bat – The Baseball Rebellion Way As professional hitting instructors we are always looking for different things to use to help make our hitters better, more efficient, and…

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The Movements that Made The Rebellion – The Rebel’s Rack Revisited

Baseball Rebellion owner Chas Pippitt goes through the movements that have developed thousands of hitters at Baseball Rebellion. Featuring the Rebel’s Rack!

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Swing Accuracy? What it Means to Put the Bat on the Ball!

One of the common misconceptions related to an upward swing is that the hitter is selling out for power and sacrificing the ability to make consistent contact. In this article,…

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Five Small Adjustments to Turn Your Season Around

It’s early in the season in Major League Baseball and even earlier in the minors.  Some guys have as many as 50 at-bats, others far less.  50 at-bats in high…

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The Expertise Assumption: Where Private Coaches Fail their Most Talented Clients

The Expertise Assumption: Where Private Coaches Fail Their Most Talented Clients When an 8 year old walks into Baseball Rebellion for a hitting or throwing evaluation, the process is simple…

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How to Increase Exit Velocity: Learn First, Then Load

EXIT VELOCITY is quite the buzz-worthy topic these days.  Just as pitchers have gone through the unrelenting quest to increase their throwing velocity, hitters are doing the same thing with…

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Stop Popping Up

Are your hitters popping up? The problem could be your coaching cues! Baseball Rebellion shows you some common reasons that youth hitters pop up and show you the quickest way to fix it.

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Launch Angle: The Most Misunderstood Term in Hitting

Baseball Rebellion CEO Chas Pippitt discusses a “controversial” term: Launch Angle. Hear why Launch Angle is misunderstood and how it should be used.

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The Case for In-Season Instruction

Disclaimer:  This article is somewhat self-serving and biased as I am a private instruction coach…and Baseball Rebellion/Softball Rebellion is an instructional company…but there is a tremendous value in continuing lessons…

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