Hitting Theory

Using Your Load to Improve Your Timing

With the season approaching, timing is often a major concern at this time of year. This article explains how a simple 4-part drill progression can help make the adjustment from cage to game a seamless one.

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How the Hands REALLY work in the swing

Many coaches at all levels tell their hitters to ‘line up their door knocking knuckles’. This is not only incorrect, but it puts many players in an extremely weak position when attempting to turn the bat into the hitting zone… The Box Grip, where you line up the knockers with the punching knuckles is what we have taught for years. And while more more correct and widely used in the mlb, there may be a better way.

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Should You Finish With 1 Hand Or 2?

Luke Johnson answers the age-old question of whether you should finish your swing with 1 hand or 2. Get Drills, Articles, Videos, And More Sent Right To Your Inbox! Sign…

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One Tool To Stop Roll Over Groundballs

Learn how these 3 Flat bat variations can help cure weak roll over grounders. Helping your hitters understand swing direction, barrel turn and proper extension.

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Softball Power Hitting Solution: Turning Tappers into Towering Homers, The Takia Nichols Story

Learn how a simple movement progression helped one hitter go from just hoping she made the team to being a top softball recruit.

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Stop Hitting Just to Hit

Quality over Quantity We have all heard that statement before, but baseball and softball training seem to have not listened. Yes, one of the main ways to get better at…

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Consistent Hard Contact Is All In The Hips

If you are tired of seeing inconsistent contact at the plate check out this drill to help prevent your hips from sliding forward and turn with more power.

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How To Correct An Open Or Closed Landing

The position we land in can set us up for success or failure right from the start. If we begin our swing from an open or closed stance, this will dictate the direction of our swing no matter how good the movement is. Just like when throwing a ball, you want to stride towards the target so you can be more accurate.

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How To Create An Approach At The Plate

Creating an approach at the plate is something I would consider to be very overlooked and under-taught. But, what exactly is an approach and how does it help you? This article goes into detail about what an approach is, how it can help, and how to create your very own.

Approaches are often individual to each hitter. What one person thinks or prepares for may be completely different than what you need. It is your job as a hitter to find what works for you.

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How The Squat And Deadlift Can Improve Your Swing

The time is now to get bigger and stronger for next season. Learning how to deadlift and squat properly can help with many parts of your swing. Understanding how to fire your hips and glutes can directly affect your swing. Getting stronger in the deadlift and squat can also drastically improve your posture in your swing as well!

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Stay Connected To Consistently Hit Balls Harder

As many of us know power comes from our pelvis/ hips and legs. This is why when you come to Baseball Rebellion, we do so much work with our hitters on the Rebel’s Rack in the mirror to gain the ability to sequence our turn properly. However, if we don’t stay connected during our swing, we won’t be able to use the turn we’ve taken so long to craft. Learn how to better stay connected within your swing to use your turn more effectively.

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Understanding Swing Feel And Swing Real

Understanding Swing Feel And Swing Real Having feel for what you’re doing in the box is something I talk about with my hitters daily. Your feel is something you need…

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