Hitting Drills

The Case for In-Season Instruction

Disclaimer:  This article is somewhat self-serving and biased as I am a private instruction coach…and Baseball Rebellion/Softball Rebellion is an instructional company…but there is a tremendous value in continuing lessons…

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Momentus Speed Hitter: Baseball Rebellion Product Review

  Baseball Rebellion Product Review: Momentus Speed Hitter You’ve seen it before in your training facility, maybe you have seen the commercial, or perhaps you own it. The Momentus Speed Hitter is a relatively well known hitting product now and can be seen time and time again in baseball and softball training facilities. The question……

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3 Pre-Game Hitting Routines for 3 Field Scenarios

3 Pre-Game Hitting Routines for 3 Field / Game Scenarios Recently I had a Baseball Rebellion client come in as he does every week for his hitting lesson. His dad asked…

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The Second WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball EXPOSED!

Almost three years ago, Chas Pippitt exposed the WORST Hitting Drill in all of baseball and softball.  After scouring the internet and thinking back on all the crazy drills that…

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Taller Posture and Hitting the Low Pitch, New Drill Reveal!

In my “Fix Your Posture, Fix Your Stride and Much More!” article I talked about how striding with a tall posture will make your heel to heel stride more frequent…

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What can a Seesaw Teach us about Baseball Hitting Mechanics?

Do you know how hard it is to find video of people using a seesaw in a normal way?  There’s tons of ‘seesaw fail’ videos on youtube…and they all involve…

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Youth Hitters and High Level Instruction: How Young is Too Young?

Carrick smashing a ball in a game My main concern with Carrick when I first met him was he REFUSED to talk to me.  He was very shy, as many…

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The WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball EXPOSED!

Many players are getting ready for tryouts at their high schools and some are doing ‘preseason’ workouts for their 12 and under travel teams. I keep hearing the same complaints…

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The Yin Yang of Baseball: The Complementary and Combative Nature of Pitchers and Hitters

The way we teach the art of pitching and hitting here at Baseball Rebellion, can be easily characterized as the Yin Yang effect of seemingly opposing forces that have components of each…

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