Garrett Gordon

Get Off Your Backside and Stride Properly with the Long Stride Drill

The Long Stride Drill is great for hitters who get stuck on their back leg. It helps control when to load and the tempo that their body moves in the stride.

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New Year, New Drill! Check out the Anchored Band Drill

Learn how to deliver more force into your swing by learning how to use your lower half properly with the Anchored Band Drill.

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Top Articles for Baseball Parents in 2019

To highlight the best of 2019, here is our list of the top five most-read articles by baseball parents including accountability, playing time and much more!

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Initiating Proper Sequencing with the Banded Slot Drill

Initiating the Swing Sequence We have talked before about the Initial start of the swing. It is crucial for a hitter to understand how to sequence properly in order to…

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Get Consistent Hard Contact with the 3 Tee Drill

If your hitter struggled to make contact to all fields last season check out our version of the 3 tee drill series & how it can help them develop a consistent bat path

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Attacking Contact vs Attacking Bat Path

Garrett Gordon talks about hitters attacking contact at the plate versus attacking bath path.

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Case Study: Middle School Hitter

Learn how in-person hitting lessons can benefit hitters from all ability levels. See how Baseball Rebellion uses different drills to help these hitters.

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Understanding Physics of the Swing and What this Means for Hitters

You Have To Be Strong To Generate Force Think You’re Strong Enough to Hit for Power? When it comes to maximizing rotational power there are a lot of factors that come into play.  Age, strength, size, balance, coordination and overall athletic ability are factors that need to be taken into consideration.  All those factors dictate……

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Timing the Upper Body Load with Your Stride

Learn how hitters can be more consistent with their timing by repeating the proper upper body load during the stride and maintaining the correct posture.

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