Front Leg

Get A Better Launch Position With This Drill

The hip hinge is a vital part of having a powerful and consistent swing. Most young kids have a tough time figuring this out because they have yet to step in the weight room. Therefore, as an Instructor I have to get a little creative with how I can get hitters in the positions they need. Every hitter responds differently and this drill below may just help your hitter to get that swing they desire.

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Stay Through the Ball Long with the Ping Pong Drill

The purpose of this drill is to slightly exaggerate the idea of “staying through the ball”. As we know, it requires not only barrel speed to hit the ball hard, but barrel accuracy.

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How to Use Resistance Bands In Your Swing

Adding some resistance to a complex move can sometimes clean up that movement and create better movement patterns. This article covers three separate ways to use resistance bands to help your hitter.

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Warm-Up Hitting Drills for Hitters of All Ages

Front shoulders flying open, pulling off the ball are mainly due to posture being compromised in a hitters swing. The two drills in this article will help hitters understand the right posture and a hitting drill that I do everyday during in person lessons.

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When Should a Hitter Start Their Stride?

Timing. The most sought after attribute in hitting can often be the most difficult to obtain. With any timing, there has to be a beginning as well as an end. When it comes to hitting the ending is when the bat makes contact with the ball, so what is the beginning? When the hitters starts to lift their front heel and begin the process of striding is the start to timing. So when should that begin? Lets take a look.

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Stay at Home Drills- Week 6

Stay at Home Drills- Week 6 Although we are officially open again for in-person lessons, most of the country is still training from home. We will continue posting these drills…

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Stay at Home Drills- Week 5

While most of our country is safe at home during this time, we wanted to give some drills that can be done easily inside. Stay at home and stay safe.

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Repeating A Powerful Swing

Want to learn how to repeat a powerful swing? It all starts on how you practice in the cage and how that transition to BP and live game at-bats.

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Stay at Home Hitting Drills- Week 2

Check out the 2nd installment of Baseball Rebellion’s at home hitting drills!

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Stay at Home Hitting & Fielding Drills- Week 1

Baseball Rebellion gives you five stay at home drills for hitting and fielding that can be done anywhere in the house! Don’t let your training fall behind.

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Four Indoor Hitting Drills You Can Do Today

Here are four indoor hitting drills you can do in your garage, back yard, and even your living room. Don’t let your training fall behind!

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Increasing Strength & Flexibility During Hitting Practice

Check out one tool to help your hitter’s increase strength and flexibility while they practice working on their swing. Check out the video & apply it today.

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