Why Failure In Training Breeds Success In Games

Learn how variable training and failure help to better a player’s mentality and preparation come game day and different drills that will help develop your approach.

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What Does it Mean to Be Coachable?

How do you handle constructive criticism by your coaches? Learn how being more coachable will allow you to better your talents as an athlete.

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Practice Flaws and Skill Development for Coaches & Athletes

Skill Training and How You Can Get Your Team Better At It What are the five main physical skills in baseball? Hitting for average, hitting for power, speed (baserunning), fielding,…

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The Accountability Paradox

When Actions Don’t Match Ambitions This past weekend, Tyler Zupcic and I were fortunate enough to be at the Baseball Youth All-American Games in South Carolina. The event has players…

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Baseball Rebellion in Stuttgart, Germany

Two years ago I was invited to travel to Stuttgart, Germany to coach at a baseball camp from an assistant coach of mine at UNC Asheville.  Unfortunately, I was unable…

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Culture, Motivation, and Giving Back: The “Green Bell” Phenomenon

    A few weeks ago, as the new Baseball/Softball Rebellion HQ facility in Durham, NC started to come together, we purchased a giant green bell that we hung up…

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