Top 5 Ways Player’s Get Worse From Team Practice

JK Whited of BR discusses the Top 5 Ways Players Get Worse From Team Practice and what coaches can do to make their practices more effective!

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The Movements that Made The Rebellion – The Rebel’s Rack Revisited

Baseball Rebellion owner Chas Pippitt goes through the movements that have developed thousands of hitters at Baseball Rebellion. Featuring the Rebel’s Rack!

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Launch Angle: The Most Misunderstood Term in Hitting

Baseball Rebellion CEO Chas Pippitt discusses a “controversial” term: Launch Angle. Hear why Launch Angle is misunderstood and how it should be used.

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Stop Pushing The Ball And Throwing Sidearm!

Former Baseball Rebellion instructor Dave Shinskie explains why throwing side arm can be bad for youth pitchers and how to change their delivery!

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How to Fix NOT Seeing the Ball: The HeadRight HeadLight Drill

I’m going to tell you that when talking to Johnny Narron, Josh Hamilton’s personal hitting coach, he told me that he thinks the difference between the truly great hitters like Josh, A-Rod, ManRam, Bonds, Mays…the list goes on, from an all-star player was ‘two feet of vision’ during a pitched ball. Read more…

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