Chas Pippitt

Gain Early Bat Speed with “The Rule of The Flail”

Bat speed.  Where does it start and how is it created?   This could possibly be one of, if not, the most controversial aspects of the swing among those looking…

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The KEY to Bat Speed: Vision! See the HeadRight HeadLight Drill Demo!

How do I increase bat speed? I hear that question almost every day.  Although there are dozens of “Bat Speed Programs” and “Bat Speed Workouts” that claim to increase your bat speed, almost all of them have wrist curls and forearm manipulations in them… which is exactly why they don’t really work.   Everything You……

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Youth Hitters and High Level Instruction: How Young is Too Young?

Carrick smashing a ball in a game My main concern with Carrick when I first met him was he REFUSED to talk to me.  He was very shy, as many…

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Time, Money, and Your Player’s Development: Part 2

As Justin and I illustrated in Part 1 of this article, Travel Baseball and the misinformation associated with it can cost parents and players tons of time.  Justin and I…

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Time, Money, and Your Player’s Development: Part 1

This article is not condemning playing the game of  baseball but aims to create awareness in the most advantageous way for a young aspiring player to go about developing their…

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Josh Horton Off Season Report: Heading to Spring Training Ready to Turn Heads

  After being named an organizational All-Star for the first time in his career and setting full-season career highs in Slugging, OPS, Doubles, Home Runs…and Strikeouts…Josh Horton came back…

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Avoid This Common Drill or Your Fastball May Wind Up In The Trees!!

One of the most commonly used verbal pitching cues is for an instructor  to say “chest to glove”.  The cue is designed to promote proper shoulder and trunk rotation into the…

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The WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball EXPOSED!

Many players are getting ready for tryouts at their high schools and some are doing ‘preseason’ workouts for their 12 and under travel teams. I keep hearing the same complaints…

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The Yin Yang of Baseball: The Complementary and Combative Nature of Pitchers and Hitters

The way we teach the art of pitching and hitting here at Baseball Rebellion, can be easily characterized as the Yin Yang effect of seemingly opposing forces that have components of each…

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Welcome to the NEW Baseball Rebellion!

Baseball Rebels: As you can see things are different here at Baseball Rebellion.  And we think they are different for the best. Justin and I are now on the same…

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Case Study Miranda Davis: Can Baseball Rebellion help Softball Players too???

Miranda came to the building in early November last year.  She, as Keith will tell you, was a successful rec-ball player.  I saw potential in her frame and her aggression…

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Alex Rodriguez Swing Woes Blamed on Poor Hitting Instruction

Alex Rodriguez is being scapegoated by the New York Yankees, but after watching the video below, can we REALLY blame his hitting struggles on him?   Kevin Long (the New…

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