Chas Pippitt

Batting Cage Secrets from Baseball Rebellion

Players all over the country are gearing up for summer travel ball! Softball is already in full swing here in NC and Showcase and Travel Baseball is getting rolling as…

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Talking to Umpires: Do’s & Don’ts for Player’s, Parents, & Coaches

How you talk to an umpire can be the difference between winning and losing. These men and women are not robots, they have both emotions and memories. More than likely,…

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Stop Striking Out with One Simple Move!

Strikeouts!  The bane of every coach and player’s existence.  Since the beginning of baseball and softball, players have and coaches have hated striking out. It may be surprising to read,…

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Spinball Sports: Challenging Hitters with Velocity and Spin

What’s the best way to challenge hitters? Is it a facing a coach throwing BP? No. Front Toss? Not a chance. If you don’t have access to a having your…You’ve…

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Rebel’s Rack Results: More Exit Velocity and Distance in Only Two Lessons

Are You Paying for Hitting Lessons for Your Son or Daughter and Not Seeing the Results You Want? Check Out How Baseball Rebellion Uses a Movement Progression and Data to…

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Bryant Pippitt Swing Analysis

Baseball Rebellion’s Eric Tyler breaks down the swing of 2032 Draft Prospect Bryant Pippitt. Despite losing 50% of the genetic lottery, Bryant has a swing that projects to the next…

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Barrel Turn and Hand Pivot: Training The Best Upper Body Movement in Hitting

Learn how to properly turn the barrel in the swing to help achieve maximum bat speed and hard contact consistency to hit the ball harder and farther.

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More Power: A Visual Representation of Improvement with the Rebel’s Rack

Using Spray Charts to Show How the Rebel’s Rack Helps Increase Power If you don’t know, Baseball Rebellion’s Rebel’s Rack is a rotational power product designed to help hitters turn…

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Improve Power, Prevent Injury: Rebel’s Rack Reality

See how learning to turn your body with Baseball Rebellion’s Rebel’s Rack can help you hit the ball farther and stay healthy and on the field longer.

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My First Year as a Little League Dad

My oldest son, Bryant, is now playing his first year of Little League baseball. He’s almost six, so he’s in machine pitch and loving every second of it. We’ve had…

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How to Train Timing In-Season

Learn how you can become a better hitter during your season and see the drills we use daily here at BRHQ to help our hitters improve their timing.

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Tee Drill Progression: How to Use a Launch Angle Tee

Frequently, Baseball Rebellion is emailed with questions about the Launch Angle Tee, one of our products.  Many times, these emails have questions about the tee or adapter top itself.  However,…

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