Case Study

Creating An Environment for Success in Online Lessons

Creating an Environment for Success in Online Lessons Last week I received a video back from one of my online lesson clients.  He’s a young player who is extremely dedicated…

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Case Study: Middle School Hitter

Hitting Lessons- Client Improvement This article will go down as one of my favorites written so far. The reason being is that it proves to me every day that what…

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Case Study: One Year Client Transformation

Why Hitting Lessons Benefit Players of ALL Skill Levels Hitting Instructor Responsibility As private instructors, we have an obligation to each one of our clients to provide the resources to…

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Get Ready for the Playoffs with Baseball Rebellion’s Top MLB Articles

2019 MLB Playoff Special Check Out Our Top Major League Baseball Articles of 2019! In honor of the 2019 MLB playoffs in full swing, we wanted to give our readers…

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JK Whited’s Pro-Concept: Height Change

How Christian Yelich’s Posture Helps Him See the Ball Better If you are a taller hitter who is struggling to hit the low pitches, learn how Yelich ‘sinks’ lower to…

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Bellinger vs. The Babe

Cody Bellinger vs. Babe Ruth What Do Cody Bellinger and Babe Ruth Have In Common? Cody Bellinger, MVP candidate of the Los Angeles Dodgers is having an incredible season.  In…You’ve…

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Seth Simmons: Case Study and Interview

Get an inside look at the off-season training of professional pitcher, Seth Simmons. Plus, catch an exclusive interview about why he chose to train at BR.

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50 to 70: Max Boyatt Case Study

Baseball Rebellion’s pitching methodology is designed to help throwers increase velocity all while maintaining safe and efficient movements and mechanics.

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How to Train Timing In-Season

Learn how you can become a better hitter during your season and see the drills we use daily here at BRHQ to help our hitters improve their timing.

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The Best Way to Hit More Homers: Home Run Opportunity Percentage

Baseball Rebellion talks about how training to hit the ball a certain way can instantly increase your hard contact and extra base hits

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From Sidney to “Sid the Kid”: Youth Lessons and Skill Acquisition

Environment of Development At Baseball Rebellion we work with players of all ability levels.  Young novice softball and baseball players train right next to first round draft picks and other…

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BP Throwing Case Study: Tyler Zupcic (Baseball Rebellion Employee)

BP Throwing Case Study: Tyler Zupcic Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor Tyler Zupcic came to me with a throwing problem. He was complaining about shoulder pain, that had now moved down…

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