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How to Drive the Ball to All Fields- Swing Direction

Cues about stepping in the bucket or striding in have been shouted at hitters for years. Yet when we turn on an MLB game you will see hitters with multiple different directions of strides. So what allows the best hitters in the world to step in the bucket or across their body and still be successful?

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What the Golf Swing Can Teach us About the Baseball Swing

Learn how your own baseball swing can improve from one key swing thought from 5-time Major winning Phil Mickelson

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5 Drills for Better Upper Body Swing Mechanics

If your hitters are struggling with constant upper body mistakes in hitting here are 5 drills to help them turn faster and make more consistent hard contact

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How the Load Affects the Swing

How the Load Affects the Swing Educating Coaches and Parents About the Load and the Swing A lot of times coaches and parents are looking for a quick fix to…

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How Does Breathing Affect Power in the Swing?

How can your ribs and breathing technique allow you to be a better hitter? Check out how our breathing affects our power in the swing.

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Stop Casting Your Hands in the Swing

Staying connected in the swing is vital for a hitter’s success. Cast your hands and barrel in your swing can result in poor contact and consistency when hitting. Oftentimes hitters mindlessly hit off the tee thinking they are getting better. With this simple drill, you can make sure you are staying connected better and improve your bat path to the ball.

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Four Indoor Hitting Drills You Can Do Today

Here are four indoor hitting drills you can do in your garage, back yard, and even your living room. Don’t let your training fall behind!

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Stop Pulling Balls Foul TODAY with 4 Simple Drills

Think of a hitting flaw you’ve heard of. Now, what do you think is one of the most common flaws? Over and over when our highest level clients come into…

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Weak Oppo Hits – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series

Weak Oppo Hits – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series In this edition of our Whiteboard Series, Baseball Rebellion’s JK Whited reviews some common swing flaws that are causing you (or your…

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Deep Barrel Turn with the FollowThru Bat

The FollowThru Bat – The Baseball Rebellion Way As professional hitting instructors we are always looking for different things to use to help make our hitters better, more efficient, and…

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The WORST Hitting Drills for Baseball and Softball EXPOSED- Part 2

The Worst Hitting Drills For Baseball and Softball Exposed, Part 2 A lot has happened at Baseball Rebellion since February 8th, 2013.  On that date, I wrote “The WORST Hitting…

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Fix Rolling Over FOREVER – Say goodbye to top spin and weak ground balls with TWO simple movement cues!

Fix Rolling Over Forever – Say Goodbye to Top Spin and Weak Ground Balls With Two Simple Movement Cues! Many hitters roll over the ball way too often.  “Rolling Over”…

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