Arm Swing Separation Drill With Band Resistance

#ThirtySecondLesson This past week I tweeted a quick drill without going too far in depth into why we do the drill and what it is for. I use this drill…

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RAISE THE ROOF! – How to Help Raise a Hitter’s Ceiling

Last month, I got the opportunity to speak at the North Carolina High School Baseball Coaches Clinic in Greensboro, NC. It is an awesome event held each December for high school coaches across the state to hear from guest speakers on a wide range of topics from hitting to pitching to defense, and even turf…

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Culture, Motivation, and Giving Back: The “Green Bell” Phenomenon

    A few weeks ago, as the new Baseball/Softball Rebellion HQ facility in Durham, NC started to come together, we purchased a giant green bell that we hung up…

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Does Your Youth Pitcher Keep Missing the Strike Zone with Their Fastball? Slider Spin May Be Why!

Identifying Slider Spin Does your son or daughter have slider spin when throwing a fastball? A common problem in youth baseball is not informing kids that slider spin on a…

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BR Client Adam Parzych Wins the 2017 National Power Showcase!

Hey everyone!  In this article I’m going to recap an amazing weekend I had in Dallas, TX watching the 2017 National Power Showcase at Globe Life Park in Arlington which ended…

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The MEW Drill to Help a Thrower’s Arm Path

Baseball Rebellion Pitching Instructor Dave Shinskie introduces the MEW Drill, which helps develop a clean and consistent delivery! Learn the drill!

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A Basic Warm-Up Routine for a Youth Pitcher

When a client (usually a pitcher between the ages of 8-18) comes in for a first-time evaluation at Baseball Rebellion I have them warm up in their normal way they would…

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Know Your Body, Know Your Swing: Adducting The Back Arm

At Baseball Rebellion, we often teach and write about the importance of the lower half of the body because kinetic energy works from the ground and proceeds through the body,…

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The Cause of Andrew Miller’s Knee Trouble

    We don’t usually talk about lower half injuries in baseball pitchers. It is more like shoulder, elbow, lat, and an occasional blister on a finger. In this article, we…

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It’s all in the Hips! The BEST Hip Activation Drill for Throwers

This is a drill that helps activate the hips and create awareness of how to use your lower half into a throw.  Some kids have trouble with the movement shown…

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The ONE Body Movement To Get MORE Velocity Behind Your Throws!

What do the most powerful overhand sports athletes do to create the most energy? This article will show and explain how ONE BODY movement, proper hip rotation, can help build…

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Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 10 – Jacob Cruz

  In this week’s episode of the Baseball Rebellion Podcast, JK and Dave talk about taking high quality practice mechanics into games.  The guys also talk about post game conversations…

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