Bad Drill

Get More Extension in Your Swing with a Tool You Already Have

Looking for more extension in your swing? If you are rolling over too much here are a few simple drills to help you drive the ball more consistently.

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One Hand Bat Drills: The MAJOR Problem

Are you constantly doing one-hand hitting drills and seeing no results? Find out why you could be hurting your bat path from doing these drills.

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External Cues and Constraint Learning Approach

“The assumption that the body will figure out the best way to do something is a big jump to make.”  -Gabe Dimock Part One of a Two-Part series detailing External…

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Top 5 Ways Player’s Get Worse From Team Practice

JK Whited of BR discusses the Top 5 Ways Players Get Worse From Team Practice and what coaches can do to make their practices more effective!

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Avoid These 5 Swing Clogging Moves

I often get my hitters to envision the flow of energy in their swings as water flowing through pipes.  If the pattern of a hitter’s swing is precise, the energy,…

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The WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball EXPOSED!

Bad Drills EXPOSED!ENTER WITH CAUTION!   Many players are getting ready for tryouts at their high schools and some are doing ‘preseason’ workouts for their 12 and under travel teams….

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Weak Oppo Hits – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series

Weak Oppo Hits – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series In this edition of our Whiteboard Series, Baseball Rebellion’s JK Whited reviews some common swing flaws that are causing you (or your…

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Timing Drills: Drill This, Not That

Drill This, Not That: Timing Drills   Seen above, the countdown drill is used to teach a hitter to be quick to the ball as well as be able to…

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Top 3 Hitting Myths Busted! Revisted

Top 3: Baseball / Softball Hitting Myths Busted! Here is a list of three very popular hitting myths in baseball and softball. Obviously, these myths are completely subjective as there…

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The WORST Hitting Drills for Baseball and Softball EXPOSED- Part 2

The Worst Hitting Drills For Baseball and Softball Exposed, Part 2 A lot has happened at Baseball Rebellion since February 8th, 2013.  On that date, I wrote “The WORST Hitting…

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The Second WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball EXPOSED!

Almost three years ago, Chas Pippitt exposed the WORST Hitting Drill in all of baseball and softball.  After scouring the internet and thinking back on all the crazy drills that…

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