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 1) Down & Through Hitting Mechanics Equals Down in the Lineup
 2) Keep 4 Things in the Swing Deep, and Watch the Balls Fly
 3) Row Till You Go, Back Shoulder Row & More Bat Speed
 4) The Truth About Hand Path in the Baseball or Softball Swing
 5) Secrets to Power Up Your Warmup & What to Avoid Taking to the Batter’s Box
 6) The Yin Yang of Baseball: The Complementary & Combative Nature of Pitchers & Hitters
 7) The Worst Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball Exposed
 8) Go Back to the Basics & Guarantee Your Young Hitter’s Success
 9) Hitting Fix: Cure Pop Ups Forever with this Simple Cue
 10) Gain Early Bat Speed with the “Rule of the Flail”
11) What Can a Seesaw Teach us about Baseball Hitting Mechanics
 12) The Truth About Extension
 13) Directional Hitting: Find Consistency & Power to All Fields
 14) Bat Drag Busted: Introducing the Bat Drag Buster
 15) Hands: The Great Debate
 16) Taller Posture & Hitting the Low Pitch