One Training Tool To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer

Written By: Eric Tyler

Playing summer ball at any level can lead to rapid skill development when done correctly. Playing upwards of four or five games each week allows a player the opportunity to get more at-bats and more plays in the field than ever before. The sheer amount of experience gained from the summer season is key in each players development. However, there still must remain an emphasis on skill development outside of the game environment. And I believe, this is where you can gain your advantage on the competition.

Training and skill development seems to be forgotten in the summer months. I understand that there are more games being played and with school out, the average youth player would rather be doing anything other than training in their spare time. So how can you get the most out of your player this summer without risking them burning out? I can tell you that it isn't another 200 swings off the tee. This is where the Rack Bat comes into play.

Rack Bat is Fire
Rack Bat


One of the main battles of training in the summer is fatigue. After playing up to six games in a weekend, all in the hot sun, it is tough for a player to want to jump right back to work on Monday. Even between doubleheaders, it's tough to get players back up and moving to get ready for the next game. Productive BP to get your hitters ready becomes tired, lazy swings for ten minutes. And who can blame them? They just played an entire game in the heat and have one maybe two more to go. I wouldn't want to hit in the cage in between either.

Bad Habits

With the heat taking the energy out of players, they're unable to take their best swings. So why force the issue? The more half-effort swings taken, the worse the player gets. If the player isn't focused on taking good reps but more interested in getting back under the shade and resting for the next game, no development is really happening. Not only is no development occurring but, bad habits are being created. One major issue that occurs when hitting tired is the swing becomes armsy, meaning less of the body is being used in the swing and mostly arms are used to move the bat. This issue can be resolved by using the rack bat.

As you can see from the video above, the Rack Bat can be used to clean up rotational movements in the mirror, as well as actually hit a moving ball. This provides a fun alternative to the typical batting practice. They are forced to use their body properly in order to find success, leading them to avoid bad habits created by lazy, tired swings. The movement benefits associated with using the Rack Bat can be found in Tyler Zupcic's latest article.


If a player isn't dealing with a few bumps or bruises at some point in the summer it just means they haven't played enough. One of my favorite things about the rack bat is that if a player is hampered with a hand or wrist injury, they are still able to practice and prepare for the game. Speaking of hands, the rack bat limits the wear and tear on the hitter's hands that have to endure hundreds of swings a week. It is true, the best ability is availability.



As I stated in a previous article, the biggest challenge to preparing a hitter in youth baseball is the facilities available. Are there cages available? How much room do you have? Do you have balls to hit with? Are the balls you do have waterlogged? So much goes into pre-game preparation. The beauty of using the rack bat is that all you need is the tool and the softballs sent with the purchase.

The Rack Bat now comes with two softballs for use.
The Rack Bat now comes with two softballs for use.

At Home Program

Regular Rack Turns55
Rack Bat- Location: UP23
Rack Bat- Location: Down23
Rack Bat- Location: Middle23
Rack Bat Hitting45

Pre-game Program

Regular Rack Turns55
Resisted Rack Turns28
Assisted Rack Turns28
Rack Bat Hitting45

There is no better way for a hitter to stay fresh and avoid the many struggles that come with continuing to develop while playing summer ball. Grab a Rack Bat today and improve your posture, hip hinge, side bend, and vision all without the wear and tear hitting takes on your hands. Stay healthy and continue to develop your rotational skills throughout the summer.

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