Drive Developer

The Drive Developer

The Drive DeveloperThe Drive Developer is a resistance band swing trainer that develops proper swing mechanics and improves muscle coordination, strength, and flexibility throughout the entire motion of the baseball / softball swing. This hitting aid will improve your swing acceleration, power and consistency. 
Hitting a baseball / softball is the hardest thing to do in sports, especially when your technique is a limiting factor. Change your swing motions and focus your effort correctly by using the Drive Developer. Make your hitting frustration a distant memory. The Drive Developer will teach players of all ages and ability levels to fire specific muscles in sequential order, using the natural kinetic linkage of your body, to infuse maximum power and coordination into each swing. The Drive Developer takes the focus off of just hitting a ball and trains your muscles to be efficient and explosive. In only minutes a day, the Drive Developer System will guide you into making hundreds of mistake-free drive motions of the swing, while building strength and flexibility.

Drive Developer Features:
1. All Models Include maple bat handle, mounting screw, connection point, and audible feedback indicator
2. Comes with Step-by-Step How-To Guide with recommended drill program
3. 6 Month Guarantee against manufacturing defects
4. Hand-made in United States and tested before shipping
5. Use it in conjunction with the Rebel’s Rack for optimal training

Team Orders: For team orders please call us to receive a quote: 919-245-1181

Youth $89.99 , Original $94.99 , Pro $99.99

Drive Developer 3 Models:
~ Drive Developer Youth – (For Serious Players Under the Age of 12) Comes with 4 bands: 2 medium and 2 light.
~ Drive Developer Original – (For Middle and High School Players) Comes with 5 bands: 1 heavy, 2 medium, and 2 light.
~ Drive Developer Pro – (For Elite High School to Professional Players) Comes with 6 bands: 2 heavy, 2 medium, 2 light.

2 Comments on "Drive Developer"

  1. david ascher April 13, 2014 at 8:47 pm · Reply

    Concern: in softball the ball is normally released on an upward angle. How does your equipment help in softball. baseball seems to be the direction of your videos

    • Chas Pippitt April 14, 2014 at 9:38 am · Reply


      The ball being released on an upward angle is not relevant as the ball hits the apex of its flight and then comes down on every pitch other than rise-balls that are thrown very hard (harder than 65mph) and are going to be called a ball.

      Our products are dramatically changing softball hitters for the better AND are an even greater advantage for them due to the un-athletic and sexist teaching of most softball coaches that tell girls they ‘can’t swing like the boys’.

      We don’t limit our girls in our instruction or with our products…in fact, my softball girls combined for almost 10 home-runs in the last week…


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