Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic

Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic

Baseball Rebellion’s Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic is great for 12 and under baseball and softball coaches, parents, teams, and even entire Little League organizations. It is an informational guide to ensure that proper mechanics and fundamentals are taught at the earliest developmental stages of baseball and softball. The Baseball Rebellion Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic includes HD videos of drills, coaching cues, teaching fundamentals, and methodology to turn any coach, team or league into experts in baseball/softball methodology and how to teach it best. All of the information is backed by Baseball Rebellion’s researched, tested, and proven methodology and has been designed with accessibility in mind, with every video and piece of information available at practice, games, or anywhere you have a smartphone or internet connection. Bring Baseball Rebellion’s world renown information to your baseball/softball team, organization or league today to give your players a technical and informational advantage.

Basics of Baseball Coaches ClinicBasics of Baseball Coaches Clinic Includes:

1. Loaded with Baseball Rebellion Teaching Fundamentals for Baseball/Softball Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Catching, and Base Running
2. 4 Practices Plans, Designed with Hitting, Throwing, Fielding, and Catching (Active Team Warmup included as Bonus)
3. Over 45 HD Videos, of Drills with Step-by-Step instructions, Coaching Cues to Use and to Avoid When Teaching Young Players, Fielding Situations to Make Coaching Any Position Easy, and Much More! 
4. 15% Discount on Any Baseball Rebellion Products for Your Team in the Baseball Rebellion Store

Basics of Baseball Defense Plays : CoverageBasics of Baseball Coaches Clinic Benefits:

1. Unlimited Viewing Within the 1 Year Access Period
2. Accessible Anywhere Via Phone, Computer, or Tablet With Internet Connection
3. Baseball/Softball Information and Techniques, Proven to Work and Easily Understood by Thousands of Young Players Nationwide
4. Powerful Training and Conceptual Information Backed by Baseball Rebellion’s Research 
5. Professional Presentation by Player Development Professionals with Years of Teaching/Training Experience

Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinic

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***All purchasers of the Basics of Baseball Coaches Clinics are granted discounted pricing on all Baseball Rebellion Products during the 1 yr Clinic Time Period.

* Being an Informational Product, we do not offer refunds for coaches clinics*

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