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Launch Angle Tee

The Launch Angle Tee revolutionizes the baseball/softball hitting tee! The Launch Angle Tee teaches players the proper launch angle to help them hit more home runs! For the first time ever, hitters can use their tee for DELIBERATE PRACTICE to maximize their launch angle & distance. The Tanner/Jugs Tee Top & Base Adapters allow for hitters to take their existing Tanner/Jugs Tee and turn it into a brand new Launch Angle Tee for the fraction of the price of buying a new tee!

Please visit the website below for all your Launch Angle Tee needs! and all other distributors of the Drive Developer, Rebel’s Rack, Bat Drag Buster, and Functional Arm & Scap Training (FAST) System Bands, are not liable for any injury of property or person of any kind as a result of use of the Launch Angle Tee, GHack Gloves, Drive Developer, Rebel’s Rack, Bat Drag Buster, or FAST System Bands. Use at your own risk under supervision of an adult or coach. Persons with Latex allergies should not use the Drive Developer, Bat Drag Buster, FAST System Bands, or Rebel’s Rack.