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    BR Premium

    From: $9.99 / month with a 7-day deferred start
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  • Rebel's Rack

    The Rebel’s Rack

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  • Rack Bat 1

    The Rack Bat

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  • Sale! Bat Drag Buster

    Bat Drag Buster

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  • Rebel’s Rack Bands

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  • Sale! Rebels Rack with Bands

    Complete Rotational Power Package

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  • The Movements That Made The Rebellion Certification

    $100.00 / year
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  • Sale!

    The Rebel’s Rack and Rack Bat Combo

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  • Sale! Learn the Turn

    Learn The Turn: 30 Days to a Faster Turn eBook

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  • Sale! Rebels Rack With Bands

    Rebel’s Rack with Bands

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  • Bat Drag Buster Replacement Bands

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  • Line Drive Pro Trainer

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