Rebel’s Rack Research Articles

The Rebel's Rack and the Rebel's Rack Movement Progression is the best way we've found to quickly and dramatically improve ALL hitters. Here are some of our favorite Rebel's Rack research articles from throughout the years. Enjoy!

What Exactly is the Rebel's Rack?

I (Eric Tyler) played with a Baseball Rebellion trained hitter on a collegiate wood bat summer league team. I noticed that every day before batting practice he had this crazy looking red bar that he would spin around on. That’s how I saw it. I thought it was just some gimmick device that didn't help. Yet every night the lineup was posted, who do you think was hitting 3rd?  That limited engagement and youthful ignorance is how I saw the Rebels Rack, until I got the opportunity to see it in action every single day.

How to Introduce the Rebel's Rack Progression to Your Players

I recently purchased four Rebel’s Racks to include in my programming after watching the success of countless Baseball Rebellion Hitters over the years. I have been very outspoken in my time as a hitting instructor against gadgets and gimmicks. To be quite honest, I initially thought the Rebel’s Rack was just another one of those.

I have done different movement prep work using PVC, medicine balls, etc., but had been holding off on bringing in anything that was anymore obscure into my program.  Below, I will discuss the ways that I have introduced the Rebel’s Rack turn progressions to my hitters, and some of the results we have seen over the first few weeks of minimal use.

Rebel's Rack Results: More Exit Velocity & Distance in ONLY TWO Lessons

Are you paying for lessons for your young player and not seeing the Return on Investment? Check out how we use a movement progression and data to help make hitters better! Here's one of our favorite stories, a softball hitter named Kylie.

When Kylie of Orange High School, located in Hillsborough, NC, came in for an evaluation Kylie and her parents had no idea what they were getting into. She’d played softball in Orange County for a few years and had just moved up to the Challengers team. Because of this increase in competition, she and her parents wanted to make sure she got some instruction. Her evaluation took place on March 21, 2019.

More Power: A Visual Representation of Improvement with the Rebel's Rack

If you don't know, Baseball Rebellion's Rebel's Rack is a rotational power product designed to help hitters turn their body faster and hit the ball farther. Every hitter wants to hit for more power but many don't know where to go to train how to do so. Everybody and their brother on the internet is a hitting coach.  All of us say we can improve your exit speed or distance but here at Baseball Rebellion, we have a methodology that has shown to increase power.

I wanted to use the spray charts generated by HitTrax to show you, visually, how the Rebel's Rack can improve hitters.  Below, you'll see seven different spray charts from baseball players and softball players young and old.  Amazingly, you can see incredible differences, but all the differences are not the same.

Improve Power, Prevent Injury: Rebel's Rack Reality

The Rebel's Rack completely deemphasizes the arms in the baseball or softball swing.  By pulling back on the rack, the lats and upper back are engaged and prevent pushing forward of the arms. Because of this, the body turns farther and faster than it normally would in a swing. The increased turn forces more mass to accelerate and therefore generate more force impacting the ball. Not only will this generate more force, but also this turn prepares the body to support the barrel and deliver it faster into the hitting zone. Training the obliques to deliver this powerful and explosive force will remove unwanted arm push and allow the core to decelerate itself in a safe and anatomically correct way.

The Movements that Made the Rebellion

As Baseball Rebellion/Softball Rebellion has grown, we have decided to be more open with the “HOW” of our process instead of just the results.  This, for years, was not the case at BR/SR, as we wouldn’t even let clients film the movement progressions we do with hitters.  We are all excited about how showing these movements can help players of all ages turn faster and hit with more power.  Releasing our movement progression has been something I’ve considered for a long time.  We haven’t done it, until now, and will be including an even more detailed breakdown inside of the Rebel’s Rack Drills for those who have and are going to purchase the Rebel’s Rack.