The Rebel’s Rack and Rack Bat Combo

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The Rebel's Rack

Maximize your power to hit more doubles, triples, and home runs! Weighted bats are dead...The Rebel's Rack is the best tool to train rotational hitting, which leads to an increase in bat speed, exit velocity, and hard-hit line drive hitting consistency.

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Player T-Shirt Size Rebel's Rack Size
YM - Small Small
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The Rack Bat

With the Rack Bat for the Rebel's Rack, hitters work on their turn, work on their timing, and maximize the potential power of their swing!

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For the first time ever online, we have taken Baseball Rebellion’s two most powerful rotation training tools and put them together to save you more money! The Rebel’s Rack and Rack Bat Combo includes one Rebel’s Rack and one Rack Bat attachment to take your training to the next level. Combining these two products will help you work on hitting pitches at different heights all while working on maintaining the correct posture! Learn how to hip hinge, perfect your side bend, and watch you hit for more extra-base hits this season all with the Rebel’s Rack and Rack Bat Combo!

More About the Rebel’s Rack

The Rebel’s Rack is the most efficient way to develop rotational power within the baseball and softball swing. The Rebel’s Rack takes the hands and arms out of swing training to help hitters focus on the rotation of their swing. Faster Rotation = Faster Bat Speed = Harder Hit Balls. You can pair the Rebel’s Rack with the Rack Bat and Rebel’s Rack Bands to further your rotational work, balance, and timing.  The Rebel’s Rack has helped dozens of professional players, NCAA teams, and high schools all over the country and it can help you too!

The Rebel’s Rack easily fits inside a bat bag a perfect way to time pitchers in the on-deck circle or practice timing and pitch tracking in bullpen sessions.  Also, perfect for injured players who cannot hold a bat, now that player can ‘learn to turn’ as they come back to play.

Drills – Check out the drills for the Rebel’s Rack!

Size Chart

Player T-Shirt Size Rebel’s Rack Size
YL – Small Small
Medium – Large Medium
XL-XXL Large
More About the Rack Bat

Take the hands out of the swing and LEARN TO TURN first! Presenting the Rack Bat by Baseball Rebellion. The Rack Bat attaches to any red Rebel’s Rack and allows you to practice your turns, timing, spine angle, and the overall coordination of swing all while hitting a moving ball!  Get your turns right, get your timing right, get your swing right…with the Rack Bat for the Rebel’s Rack!

What People Are Saying:

“Got our RACK BAT 1 week ago. Used it at home once and workouts tonight with 24 kids. Immediate improvements from most. Stopped dropping down for low pitch – learned tilt all on their own. Awesome product!” -Mike P.

“The RACK BAT is FIRE. In the garage already…it forces Tyce to turn. Amplifies the effectiveness of the rack. Great stuff!” -Tyson H.

Rebel’s Rack Drills

Interested in getting CERTIFIED in the Rebel’s Rack Movement Progression? LEARN MORE about our Rebel’s Rack Movement Certification Course!

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 8 × 3 in

The Rebel's Rack

Weight 2.5 lbs
Rebels Rack Size

Small, Medium, Large

The Rack Bat

Weight 1 lbs


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