The Rack Bat


With the Rack Bat for the Rebel’s Rack, hitters work on their turn, work on their timing, and maximize the potential power of their swing!


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Take the hands out of the swing and LEARN TO TURN first! Presenting the Rack Bat by Baseball Rebellion. The Rack Bat attaches to any red Rebel’s Rack and allows you to practice your turns, timing, spine angle, and the overall coordination of swing all while hitting a moving ball!

What People Are Saying:

“Got our RACK BAT 1 week ago. Used it at home once and workouts tonight with 24 kids. Immediate improvements from most. Stopped dropping down for low pitch – learned tilt all on their own. Awesome product!” -Mike P.

How to Assemble:

The Rack Bat fits all red Rebel’s Rack sizes.

The Rebel’s Rack is not included with your order of the Rack Bat. Please see the Complete Rotational Power package if you are interested in getting both.

This is designed to hit foam balls, tennis balls, and plyo-balls. Please do not hit baseballs or softballs with it.

Create Consistent Contact with Side Bend

Are you seeing a lot of strikeouts or popups from your son or daughter? Are they rolling over or getting jammed more than you’d like? One of the most likely problems is their posture and the answer is side bend. Side bend occurs as the hitter is turning their bat behind them and (hopefully!) working back up to the ball. Here are a few examples of what side bend looks like:

Side Bend- Cage and Real Game

Side Bend is bending towards home plate at the contact position.  The body has now rotated to the ball so the hip hinge in the stance has transitioned to side bend. You cannot achieve proper side bend however without first getting into the proper hip hinge position. Check out our article and drills to get into a perfect hip hinge position. 

Once you are in the hinge position. You must drop your back shoulder towards the level of the pitch. If the pitch is higher, it is less of a drop. If the pitch is low, you have to drop it more (check out the picture of Mike Trout above). You cannot achieve side bend without dropping your back shoulder. You will see we talk about high and low pitch side bends in this article. We don’t talk about much middle pitch because if you are in the proper hip hinge, your shoulders are already at the level for the middle pitch. All you need to do is turn!

Practicing Side Bend with The Rack Bat

So now that we understand and can feel what side bend is. Now it’s time to apply it to our training. Below are a few drills we do at Baseball Rebellion to help our hitters achieve side bend in their swing and crush balls to the outfield.

The best hitting tool out there to practice and see side bend is the rack bat. Yes, it is our product but we searched for years for something to do what the rack bat does. Not only can you use it for movement purposes but it is one of our only products you can actually hit with. The rack bat extension acts as the ‘bat’ and shows the hitter the angle of attack their bat would have with their shoulder tilt.

Cody Bellinger
Cody Bellinger
The Rack Bat
Christian Yelich
Christian Yelich

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  1. Mike Pozdol

    Got our rack bat 1 week ago. Used it at home once and workouts tonight with 24 kids. Immediate improvements from most. Stopped dropping down for low pitch – learned tilt all on their own. Awesome product!

  2. Rick (verified owner)

    Best training aid I have used. Kids learning angles and not collapsing. I would recommend to every program

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