The Rebel’s Rack


Maximize your power to hit more doubles, triples, and home runs! Weighted bats are dead…The Rebel’s Rack is the best tool to train rotational hitting, which leads to an increase in bat speed, exit velocity, and hard-hit line drive hitting consistency.

Size Chart

Player T-Shirt Size Rebel’s Rack Size
YM – Small Small
Medium – Large Medium
XL-XXL Large



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The Rebel’s Rack is the most efficient way to develop rotational power within the baseball and softball swing. The Rebel’s Rack takes the hands and arms out of swing training to help hitters focus on the rotation of their swing. Faster Rotation = Faster Bat Speed = Harder Hit Balls. You can pair the Rebel’s Rack with the Rack Bat and Rebel’s Rack Bands to further your rotational work, balance, and timing.  The Rebel’s Rack has helped dozens of professional players, NCAA teams, and high schools all over the country and it can help you too!

The Rebel’s Rack easily fits inside a bat bag a perfect way to time pitchers in the on-deck circle or practice timing and pitch tracking in bullpen sessions.  Also, perfect for injured players who cannot hold a bat, now that player can ‘learn to turn’ as they come back to play.

Drills – Check out the drills for the Rebel’s Rack!

Want the most out of your Rebel’s Rack? Get certified in the MOVEMENTS THAT MADE THE REBELLION today and learn exactly how we teach the Rebel’s Rack and accessories!

Features & Benefits

  • Promotes proper swing path & rotational hitting for baseball and softball
  • Increases power & line-drive hitting consistency
  • Creates more power, harder hits, & more bat speed
  • Use the Rebel’s Rack by itself or with resistance from bands or cable machines
  • Comes with Step-by-Step Set-Up and Drill Videos
  • 6-month guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • Hand-made in the United States and tested before shipping

Size Chart

Player T-Shirt Size Rebel’s Rack Size
YM – Small Small
Medium – Large Medium
XL-XXL Large

Team Orders

For team orders please call Baseball Rebellion to receive a product quote: 919-309-0041 or email


Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Rebels Rack Size

Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


  1. Keith (verified owner)

    I think the Rebels Rack can be a helpful device. I have utilized with ten players I work with during the winter off season. I did not purchase the videos but I did go on utube to review some videos. To help coaches get the most out of this product with their students I think you should include a video with recommended drills, even if you need to charge more for the product. I would recommend selling a Rebels Rack and Rebels Rack video as a unit sale or making an instructor series videos available on your website. Once coaches and players know how to get the most out of the product they will buy more, and positive word of mouth will take place. Like with any product if utilized improperly the benefit of utilizing will not seem worth the price.

    • Randy (verified owner)

      Actually, the opposite couldn’t be more true. When I first purchased the Rebel’s Rack, which was about 3.5 years ago there was only advertisement style videos. Now, on youtube about 80% of the “drills” are free to view, previously you had to first buy the Rack and then login to BR’s website AND you only had 1 year access to these very same videos which are now free, and updated info.

      I’ll admit that I don’t like the fact that BR limits the product drill videos to only 1 year access, like some of the other products I’ve bought over the years. But at least the Rack videos are on YT and are updated with improved information. BR also is releasing a lot more training videos than in previous years so I believe they’ve increased the value they give for free over time.

  2. Brandon (verified owner)

    I love how the rebel rack teaches proper sequencing. We’ve used the rack with players ages 8 to 18 and had great results this far. Some of these players have had to make massive adjustments to their swing and I believe the rack has made that process much less painful.

  3. Ken Allen

    I think the Rebels rack is a great tool to teach a player how the body really moves in the swing. I thought I was getting the same benefit using a pvc pipe or hoola hoop but until I bought the rebels rack the kids I work with just couldn’t grasp the concept. I love it for top hand drills with tennis balls off a tee and attaching the bungee cords has help with hip rotation and getting the right feel. If you are working with multiple players it makes a great station as well. i’ll be honest my wife hated the name “Rebel” in Rack, so we just call it the hitting rack.

    • Admin


      Thanks for the kind words on the Rack! If I may ask…what doesn’t she like about the “rebel” name?


  4. Dan Kimmel

    I am a private hitting instructor that also coaches and instructs for a larger travel organization. We do video analysis of our players throughout the year. One of our other instructors in our organization came to me and said:

    “I can tell the kids that work with you one on one. Their turns are tighter, there’s less arm-bar, (common for younger players), and they square up more balls. It shows up on video.” “What drills are you doing to get these results?”

    The answer:

    I use the Rebel’s Rack combined with a lot of PVC plane work. The Rebel’s Rack is a great training tool to help hitters “feel” the turn that generates the power in their swing.

    I would recommend any hitting instructor, especially if they teach younger hitters, to invest the Rebel’s rack.

    Coach Dan Kimmel

  5. Hintzn (verified owner)

    The Rebels Rack is a great teaching tool for learning the proper load, stride and turn. I have seen positive results for all three of my boys learning the sequence of a good swing. They are commended by many for having nice swings. Get the Rebels Rack and watch their videos to learn the Baseball Rebellion way. Highly recommended!

  6. Joey Lewis

    Has basically eliminated any pvc progressions for us. Unlimited options for its use. Add bands to it to focus on ground force through the swing turn.

    Joey Lewis
    The Hit Lab

  7. Gil

    How do you no what size to get .

    • Admin

      Typically the Rebel’s Rack sizes are correlated to t-shirt size. Take a look at the Rebel’s Rack product page to see the conversion chart.

    • Admin


      We have a sizing chart based on shirt size on the Rebel’s Rack Page.


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