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Is it mid-season and you’re not hitting the ball? Are you gearing up for the season and you want someone to look at your swing? Are you just starting baseball/softball and you need some basic tips? All of these are GREAT reasons to sign up for Baseball Rebellion Online Hitting Lessons!

Hitters from all over the country have benefited from Baseball Rebellion’s professional instructors and now you can too…all from the comfort of your own home!  Sign up for a Bronze Hitting Lesson Package and get access to full-time, professional Baseball Rebellion Instructors.  Get the feedback you need to improve your swing and be ready to hit bombs at the plate all year long!


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What to Expect from Baseball Rebellion’s Bronze Online Hitting Lesson Package

  1. Easy to Send Video: We use Hudl Technique* to send videos and video breakdowns between you and our expert instructors.  With Hudl Technique, sending video is as easy as sending a text message. The HT app allows us to seamlessly receive the video, break it down for you, and send it back with voiceover feedback, all within the app!
  2. Expert Analysis: It is good to get a second (sometimes even a third) set of eyes on your swing no matter what time of year it is. Baseball Rebellion’s full-time, professional hitting instructor JK Whited will look at your swing mechanics and help identify strengths and areas of improvement needed to take your swing to new heights!
  3. Evaluation: For your first video, your mechanics will be fully explained and goals for your lessons will be laid out before you start training.
  4. Opportunity for Multiple Lessons – You have the ability to share and receive up to 3 videos for analysis each month.  Some of these videos may be drills that your expert instructor asks you to perform, but everything is done with the ultimate goal of you improving as a hitter!
  5. Player Specific Drills – We give your player specific drills to ensure improvement in the right areas and progress quickly. A lot of the Baseball Rebellion Hitting Movements and Drills can be done without the use of a batting cage, sometimes even without a bat! This means that you don’t have to worry about waiting until your next practice or next time in the cage, you can do most of the drills right in your living room!
  6. Discount on Baseball Rebellion Products – Baseball Rebellion Bronze members automatically get 5% off the entire Baseball Rebellion store.

Important Note: Due to recent changes from Hudl, Hudl Technique is no longer available on Android devices. Please make sure you have either an iPhone or iPad to use the Hudl technique application.

Sample Online Hitting Lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Package should I get?
  • The Bronze Package is best for youth players that are just starting out playing or players who play other sports besides baseball/softball in the off-season. The 3 videos per month allows you to pace your development but still do everything necessary to take your swing to the next level!
  • The Silver Package is for serious baseball and softball players of all levels. The 6 videos allowed per month allow you to quickly develop the Baseball Rebellion hitting movements and start seeing improvements at the plate within the first month!
  • The Gold Package is for the very few that eat, live, and breathe hitting. This is only recommended if you are ready to invest a large part of your free time in becoming an ELITE Baseball Rebellion hitter! Buyer Beware!
How do I send in the videos?

As stated above, we use the Hudl Technique app to send all videos and breakdowns between instructor and client. The app makes it as easy as sending a text message to send and receive video. When you sign up for the one-time online swing analysis, you will get access to a step-by-step to sending Baseball Rebellion video through the Hudl Technique app.

Does it need to be game swings?

While game swings are preferred, you can send any swing you can take video of:

  • Game Swings
  • Practice Swings
  • Swings off Front Toss
  • Swings off a Tee
How should I film the swing? What angle? How many clips?

If possible, it is best to film the swing so the batter is facing the camera. (See video above) Try to get 2-3 consecutive swings in one clip. If you send us multiple swings in multiple clips, we will pick the best one to analyze.

How long does it take to get feedback?

Feedback on the swing can be expected in 2-3 business days.  Our instructors also do in-person lessons full-time in the evening so expect your breakdown to come back sometime in the morning.

How long is the commitment?

When you sign up for Baseball Rebellion Online Lessons, you are signing up for a monthly subscription, that is billed monthly. While we would like you to stay in the program, you can cancel at any time.  You can also upgrade or downgrade your package at any time.

More questions?

Check out our Online Lesson FAQ page or email

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